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Team Death Match with a twist

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    Team Death Match with a twist

    I got the idea of this gamemode from this thread. Please read it so as to understand what I'm trying to get at here.

    Basic Idea:
    It's your basic TDM, except with one adjustment that completely amps up the intensity of it.
    This adjustment is more or less based on getting killing sprees.

    How it works:
    Every player has an orb on their back, for now I'll call it essence. When you kill a player, the essence is dropped for anyone to pick up. After a set amount of essence has been collected, you can use the essence to upgrade a gun of your choice. The essence does not affect the actual score of the game, and picking up essence doesn't give you any additional experience or anything like that. It simply allows you to transform/upgrade one of your weapons.

    So let's say you choose to upgrade your Bio Rifle, the first upgrade allows your charge-up blob, which explodes into more blobs, to explode into more blobs. Or if you choose to upgrade the sniper, the damage is higher to allow one-hit body shots. Maybe you upgrade your flak cannon and it gives you a short-ranged burst of flak that flies out randomly in every direction not behind you, along with your normal primary fire. Then you upgrade it again to find that the alt-fire now explodes into more explosions, similar to the Bio-Rifle. And let's say you manage to find a redeemer, an upgrade with that gives the missile a 2-bullet shield that can save it from being shot down. (And this all comes neatly packaged with some really cool particle effects that show up on everyone's screen who's looking at you to know you're getting the frag-fest started.)

    Now, this gamemode would probably require a much larger end-frag amount, and each gun would only have 2/3 upgrades.

    I could totally see this as being a blast. The upgraded weapons adds a whole new element that suits it's own gamemode. What do you all think?

    EDIT: As I reread over this to look for errors, I'm beginning to see a similarity between this and Greed.
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    Sounds like RPG TDM to me


      Originally posted by CT007 View Post
      Sounds like RPG TDM to me
      Well you don't keep the upgrades on deaths, so the upgrade is quick and flashy, and it isn't a major, game-altering boost to your weapon. I want this game to be just as fast as a normal TDM match, but you get these (hopefully kick-*** looking) upgrades to your weapons to keep the experience more lively and interesting

      Also, everyone get's a 50% weapon firespeed increase.
      I think I'll call this gamemode INSANITY