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    Originally posted by JoeWilcox View Post
    Are you looking for the Map to play in UT99 or for us to put Assault in to the new game? It's hard to tell.
    Lol I was commenting on this section of your post.
    "Though Dave had made this great CTF map that I don't think we ever shipped that had huge sections under water. So if there is a map were it would make sense, adding Scuba gear makes sense." Which I thought would be a huge + if any screenshots or even the old UT99 file still existed at epic :]
    I think we could design a AS mode that took what made both the UT99 mode or the UT2k4 mode great. Couldn't it be made into options for what the server host wants ?


      To me, prone abilities = campers. I hate campers. No way.
      Change for the worse, and you regret every moment.
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        Originally posted by Captain Crit View Post
        To me, prone abilities = campers. I hate campers. No way.
        Prone with sniper rifle hmm... then u get big smile in your face no thank you


          Originally posted by Zombiexm View Post

          Well, I would look at AS-OceanFloor. I always kind of liked levels like that , and it shows how under water works. I do think it needs some tweeking from back then.

          Anyway, I'm I the only one wondering if the map file or at least screenshots of the map still exist around Epic somewhere? That would be a huge treat for the UT Vets.
          Problem is, the amount of fighting in water on that level is 0 All you do is swim to reach the base. The fighting happens in the base.

          I did want to create a underwater level for UT3 though. It would've kinda looked like OceanRelic, filled with pockets of water from which you frequently jump in and out. Figured that would be very hard to balance, so I just went for a Eyptian/Mayan style CTF map. Still didn't finish it **** u collage
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