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In a word: ASSAULT!!!

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    In a word: ASSAULT!!!

    Best multi-player gaming mode ever. Make sure you have the Impact Hammer available. It was great running around with your clan back in the day - trying to figure out new and creative ways to use the Impact Hammer.

    Wooooohooooo!!! Great to hear about this project - Go EPIC!


    Originally posted by Gillette View Post
    Best multi-player gaming mode ever.
    Have to say I agree. Bring back ASSAULT! Took me a while to warm up to the game type now it's what I miss the most!

    And there has to be Greed and Mutant. Oh yeah. Truth be told I would hope to see each and every one of the stock game types that have ever been in the game since it's inception except for Betrayal, but that might be asking a bit much.

    I really would also like to see a variation on the LMS game type. It's a great game type but it can get a tad boring for the first few players out since the last few tend to go to ground. Maybe a progressive anti camper system so as each person leaves the game the time frame for camping gets shorter or the camping damage gets more severe (configurable??). Something to keep the game rolling. Just some thoughts. I love this game and have a great time with most of the game types available.

    The dream line-up would be DM, CTF, VCTF, ASSAULT (ala 2004), WARFARE (ala UT3), GREED (ala UT3), INVASION (ala Galtanor's), BOMBING RUN (the UT3 mod but not Kilter's version [which is good, don't get me wrong but I like the option to use my weapons while carrying the ball]), MUTANT and LMS.


      Yeah, but 99 Style Hope it will come soon. Because i am fine with the gameplay it is now. But dm and ctf is not Really my gamemode.
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        yes, i liked assault game mode!!! it was best game mode when i first time played UT2004... (Newbie in the UT series) first time for me playing it was like WOW... i just never player awesome games like this before. so i agree about removal of assault from UT3 was a TERRIBLY TERRIBLE idea ever.

        PLUS the UT2004 maps are WAY better than the UT3 maps... (Expect Torlan)
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          Another thread for assault.... I liked assault too but in order to get there in UT4 there are many things to decide first. We have the core mechanics of the game, without this not even deathmatch would exist, also there are vehicles, making it like UT99 is a huge stepback, UT2004 is the way to go, it mixed both on-foot maps and vehicle maps, I don't see a reason to depart from that. And finally, the actors, without them Assault can not work, without an actor that tells the game what to do when a player reach an area, push a button or destroy something Assault mode can't be created properly and that's something the devs don't have at the moment.

          So please, be patience guys, we will get the assault gametype, someone will figure it out and upload a simple map to demostrate what can be done and then the maps will appear.

          Be patience.
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            Or... what about getting someone who can code, make a prototype gametype and proposing it for inclusion into UT? It's the way things are going to be in UT4.
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              well, that's why I said that someone would figure it out. It doesn't have to be on EPIC's end, anyone that can code could try it.

              The core mechanic of Assault is to complete objectives, and like I said those objectives usually are about getting to one area, pushing a button or destroying something.

              If someone doesn't do it then we'll have to wait for EPIC...
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