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TAM / FREON / 3SPN and how can it be part of Unreal Tournament!

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    Just learned of UT2015 and first thing I wanted to find out about was Freon and TAM

    It appeals to me as very few games provide an instant 'pick up and play' online multiplayer experience. Too many game types rely on having to invest in the game for hours to learn respawn times of items, locations of everything and whatnot

    So, instead of debating whether or not it should be included I want to kick off a crowd funding campaign to get the mods developed for the game - exactly the same as before

    1. Does anyone know who originally created the mods? I've googled for a bit but had no luck finding it

    2. Else, does anyone have contacts for game modders that would take this on?

    Sadly I have zero skills in the coding department else I'd gladly do it myself


      Hi and welcome back
      Both mods are in work. You will find Freon with the new Name FreezeTag here:
      and TAM/BTA wih the new Name LastTeamStanding here:

      Hope you will enjoy!