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Last Man Standing from UT99 with modifications

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    Last Man Standing from UT99 with modifications

    I'd like to see Last Man Standing again. I saw a mod that made this gametype more interesting.

    To avoid players that hide somewhere to keep him alive and force them to get involved on battle, and to reward who kills:
    • -1hp per second;
    • -2hp per second when player has less than 60hp;
    • when a player kills another player, he will receive +20hp or +40hp if he has less than 40hp;
    • when a player kills another player, he have a chance to get some bonuses (damage amplifier, invisibility, body armor, big keg o' health). This avoid him to receive hp when kills, except if he has less than 20hp;
    • if player hp is equals to 1, he don't loose life per second, but have a chance of 10% to die every second;
    • when someone is killed, he didn't drop his weapon;
    • when someone kills anyone using the impact hammer, he receive all bonuses (damage amplifier, invisibility, body armor and big keg o' health), has his speed increased in 15% until he dies, but he loose all other weapons.
    • the scoreboard shows how many players everyone have killed.

    when it become a 1vs1 battle, there are no diference to standard Last Man Standing, but a message showing the enemy's distance.

    I think these modifications make this gametype more frenetic and exciting.
    I have developed this mod for ut99 like as I saw on a server, but with more increments.
    After this mod was done, I made more increments, like Team Last Man Standing, where we can play with 4 teams, with 4 players each.

    I don't know if I can post it here, because I used some sounds and images from Mortal Kombat. XD
    By this reference to Mortal Kombat I used to name it as MortalLMS.

    This is the link to a folder on mega for who want to see it and think that Last Man Standing is a good gametype to be on Unreal Tournament.!XYR0hZRY!D3eCEugl9XBgQZl5uHaY3A
    (game mode, source code and some pics included).
    The mode is for Unreal Tournament 99.

    Sugestions are welcome.
    Thank you all.

    That might be an interesting idea. It might be easier to combine LMS with DM(DM with lives). In LMS everyone has less reason to run around the map because they have a full inventory(I think something like this should be an option) already and no goal for kills gives players more reason to camp. In DM it's possible to have more deaths than kills and still be winning. Maybe combining the 2 modes might eliminate the problems some people have with them. I would like to see lives in the other modes too.
    I use to be a tournament competitor like you till I got concrete to the knee.


      there's an LMS example for UT3 for some reason the search function does not return it
      Lol this is a funny story

      - But apparently GreatEmerald made a Respawner Mutator here:
      see if that is interesting to you
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        I've been mulling over ideas for this in my head, because I really liked LMS, but hated this problem. I also got into TAM because of similar mechanics.

        Basically, the "vampire" mechanic you speak of giving a player health for kills, is the best way (I've thought of) to incentivize aggression, but maintain the NI game play.

        If you wanted a sort of items version of it, that could be done as well, so long as the available items aren't huge bonuses, just enough to dictate flow.

        I helped develop a mutator for 2k4 called Evenground that could probably be amended to limit lives so as to give you a item driven LMS, which I would love to package with a NI LMS variant similar to the classic LMS, but with some of the incentives aforementioned.

        ILMS - Spawn with each gun pickup. 100 hp. Limited lives. Normal ammo pickups. No weapon pickups (or replace with like ammo pickup). Replace Power ups (amp/belt/keg) with half kegs.

        NILMS - Spawn loaded. 100 hp. Limited lives. No items. 40 health/20 over health for each kill.

        Health values (starting and restoring) may need adjusting depending on overall lethality of the weapons.
        Originally posted by Mysterial
        An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.


          Personally, I like an LMS where the game play is pretty simple... ie. Don't get killed.
          Camping is a strategic aspect of LMS.. no getting around that. ( The camp haters where never good at LMS and usually migrated (whining) to the DM servers. ).
          In real life, a sniper might move 10 feet in 5 hours while under cover. It's a game of chess to stay alive sometimes in LMS...
          and it's sometimes just a part of the game to let the noobs and DM peeps kill off each other quickly upon start up.

          My opinion of a great LMS mod and server:
          - Variety of maps (some you can hide in, some you can't)
          - Maybe a 200 Health spawn start.. so as to help even out advantages in spawn positions.
          - carefully placed power-ups.. so it's dangerous to go for them.
          - A new "weapon" that is a holograph projector (see at bottom for some ideas)
          - Less colorful objects.. shield, health, skins, etc.. Why? well, it's a long story.. but basically, it's better that way. :-)
          - A somewhat lengthy ending/winning screen.. where the winner gets to gloat a bit.. shake that booty.. talk smart, while everyone else has to look at'em doing such. :-)

          Other ideas (some weird) to consider.
          - no music, only environmental sound.
          - mechanics to throw a rock or some other map object (to create a sound diversion)

          Holograph Projector (weapon).

          I was thinking you could equip this weapon.. then target it anywhere, and it could generate a holograph of your skin.
          If you are crouching, so is the holograph... for instance.

          I did a quick search and ran into this guys work:

          I don't know how realistic or plausible this is, but from the looks of this persons work.. I'm thinking it's not that much of a fantasy perhaps.

          Imagine the ability to flush out someone with a holograph of yourself!


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