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    UT Assault - classic

    Please, please, please make classic Assault.

    As described here:

    "Assault is an objective-oriented gametype ... in which one team attacks the objectives (usually one at a time in a specific order) while another defends. Often, attackers will be rewarded for completing an objective by being allowed to spawn closer to the next objective. If the attacking team completes the final objective within the allowed time, the teams switch roles and another round on the same map begins."

    AS-Convoy was perfect

    The key element of Assault was that it pitted both teams against each other at all times around a core objective and linear path of objectives. Modes like onslaught tended to be less intense, as one could go attack or defend a different point.

    Really disappointed me that UT3 never really replicated this properly.

    I've seen lots of suggestions of tweaks and modifications, but they all undermine the core intense dynamic, and would be better created through specific maps for onslaught or assault, rather than as a core game mode.

    Thanks for reading - not really a forum/developer type, but played UT2004 a lot with friends online back in the day.

    Same here, i would love to play AS-Overlord in better Graphics

    I hope this gamemode will be implemented, cause i just missed it in UT3


      not the way to ask for it, however I believe that assault is being considered, as well warefare and there is a domination mod already in place, still a wip tho.

      For assault I would like to see something new that doesn't break the concept of the assault gametype, the first one was on foot, the second one was on foot or in vehicles. For this one I hope there is something new, not just the maps.

      Right now they are working on DM/TDM/CTF so we'll have to wait some time before we can see some assault love from the developers (unless someone makes a mod for it so we don't have to wait that much)
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        i would love to see it soon as well if we get the gametype , there will be mapmakers making nice maps
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          someone has to code the actors first to be able to create the objectives, once we got that, the maps would be in their way. Or the maps are already done but there is no code to put the objectives.

          when someone prototypes the actors, the maps would be created. If not, we have to wait for epic.

          If you code it, they will come
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            Thinking about using licensing rights to sue you for using the name UTAssault and advocating for AS-Convoy/2k4-style assault, as that name has been licensed by, the home of real assault.

            We're developing AS but it's a lot more difficult than a skeleton-build, and needs to be done appropriately in a way which promotes the three T's of great Assault gameplay: Tactics, Teamplay, and Tricks. So far the direction of UT4 is not conducive to all three of these.
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              Forever amazed


                Originally posted by Bubbaxm2 View Post
                Forever amazed
                I'll second that...
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