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Many Gametypes + Unfragmented Community - Is It Possible?

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    Originally posted by 8thGradeDropout View Post
    Not implementing ALL the traditional game modes in UT4 is a death sentence. Someone actually said don't do anything but DM/TDM . . . did I just enter a time machine? You have to be living in 1999 to even start to think this makes any sense. (Which is a big problem on this forum - if this game becomes UT99 redux it will be DoA. But hey, at least 1000 people on the planet will be happy)
    Depends on what country youre in I guess, not all of us live in countries where 2% of the community amounts to more than 4 people. I dont think even in 1999 there was a game with just DM/TDM, Quake 3 however did make you pay extra for the team game modes.

    My issue is that with the focus on established gametypes it leaves little room for new gametypes and content within those gametypes. Invasion has been around a long time and has a big following but its not getting any love from the PvP community even though there is possibility for it to lean more towards L4D2 and being able to play as the invasion force. It seems like asymmetry is a dirty word!
    Upon release, Unreal Tournament 2004 was met with widespread critical acclaim. Several critics praised the unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as its main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities.


      Most people will play official matchmaking (especially if it is ranked with leagues), so I doubt this will be an issue.


        If we do see vehicles again at some point, I'd like them to be more of a battlefield style. I like the idea of having bombers and runway/standard takeoff fixed wing vehicles. I'd like crashing to be possible too. I always though battlefield vehicles were more fun to pilot and less about running people over with them. Could be cool to have a realistic take on a futuristic vehicle.


          UT is a very customizable game. Customization, mods, creative community, has been a common selling point. Therefore its inevitable that lots of mods and game types are made. Even in a single game type, like DM. There is the variety of heavily modded weapons and maps. Even in regular DM there is still differences because of mods. I can't recall the name of it, but there was a mod that effected the latency to make a virtual low ping feel despite having a 100+ ping, along with the colored names and other neat features. Only some servers ran this. Then there is the standard official epic servers that didn't run these mods. So even though it is still standard DM, there is a lot of new stuff that any new player would need to learn and would need to be willing to keep on updating himself. Lots of tweaking with mouse sensitivity, audible running sound that could be turned off within the game files, hot key setups, and numerous other slight adjusting create a very specialized gaming environment. It can make anyone new feel it is not worth the energy to try catching up on all this know how before playing on equal terms. Look at other titles, and it is just a matter of launching the game and trying one's best that requires very little tweaking with settings, different sorts of mouses, etc. Game counsoles all have the same game-pad and by large same settings. So a player can just hop in and start playing.

          Therefore whichever (few) gamemode (s) that act(s) as the regular main gamemode needs to be standardized and be easy for an outsider to just hop in and go at it. All those nice mods that augment the core gamemode need to be the standard and not an off shot of a standard that is still active on other servers. And the amount of updating required by the player's mouse clicking needs to be minimized. The changes with the mods need to automatically update along with the standard.

          Furthermore, the standard epic DM servers were subject to botters. That is very destructive to the population.

          So it needs to be the standard servers that receive all the special augmenting mods which in way doesn't make them mods anymore but rather patches. Patches that increase the standard gamemode and keep out the botters. The standard servers would then need to be effectively networked within the community.


            I have thought about the idea many times of having a set of very large open world maps with lots of locations in them. Levels that kind of feel like zones in an MMO.

            Each game mode could then be like a public event and the public events can happen depending on various different dynamic factors. 2 factions located in one area and they start player killing each other, it can then become onslaught where its an all out war. If one of the teams is slaughtered then then next game mode is a type of escape where they protect a VIP to an escape zone. After that it could become a mode where your goal is to plant bombs on a convoy to prevent them from pushing your team back further. If you choose to ignore the events you can do mini skirmishes where you destroy supply lines.

            To put it in simple terms, its dynamic event WvWvW where a game of CTF can break out as a means to see who pushes what side back.

            So there is hundreds of these dynamic modes that are picked based on who wins or loses the previous match, where in the world the event is happening, number of people involved. You end up with 100 players on the server and there can be multiple events going on in different locations, you can pick what you want to do while all of it is happening at once. You package it all up so it makes sense in the world then include all of the most popular game modes and have them pop up as a series of dynamic events.
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