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[SUGGESTION] New Gametype: Deathmatch CTF

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    [SUGGESTION] New Gametype: Deathmatch CTF

    I totally misread "Quickplay CTF" for "Deathmatch CTF" when a notification popped up when i unlocked the gametype then my head instantly started to picture what this Deathmatch CTF was all about...

    Any number of players as in a normal Deathmatch game
    One player spawn with the flag and is tagged like an enemy
    All remaining players are tagged as teammates

    Flag carrier needs to run and frag like is no tomorrow! because all players are hunting him down to get the flag, when a flag carrier is fragged the flag drops and can be picked up by any player then this new flag carrier is tagged now as enemy and the initial carrier respawns with the hunters team.
    The main idea is to hold the flag as long as you can, the player with more accumulated time with the flag wins.

    At the moment a player pick up the flag should get full health and armor (keg o health/shield belt)
    Flag carrier should be seen though walls with this red silhoutte like in the Blitz gametype

    I really dont know if this is similar to other gametypes in this or other games just though of it and i think could be fun to play, great if we can get this through!

    This sounds very much like the old "Mutant" gametype from UT2k4, you should look into that.
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      Originally posted by NoBrainsNoAims^ View Post
      This sounds very much like the old "Mutant" gametype from UT2k4, you should look into that.
      Thanks for pointing that out! yes is close enough...i found that the Mutant is buffed "increased running speed, higher jumps, and 999 ammo for every standard weapon." common for games that plays around this 1 vs the world to make it stronger with better buffs and kits but personally i found more attractive to survive beeing skilled, smarter or even lucky on even conditions, researching a bit i found a MW3 similar gamemode "Jaggernaut" and looks like is also buffed in a way with perks.

      I founded interesting to use a simpler version for this by just merging the concept of the flag and restoring health/armor to the new flag carrier so he have a chance without being instakill when flag is picked but still play on even conditions.