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    Preface: UT2k4 had so much going on that it appealed to a very broad range of gamers. That coupled with the ease of modification (which lead to even more going on) meant a long-lasting fan-base. Even now 13 years later the community isn't dead though it has certainly dwindled. The base game had 11 game modes, 19 weapons, 14 vehicles (several where map specific), I think 85 stock playable characters divided into 10 races, 121 official maps, I can't find any info on the number of stock mutators but there was a pretty good amount there also right out of the gate.

    At a glance: A strategic lore-centric evolution of invasion.

    Premise: While an invasion is just that, an insurgence is similar but it is more. It is also an act of sedition or rebellion. The plot basis is simple, corporations are paying mercenaries, bounty hunters, thugs, or just any punk who wants some easy coin to deal out some aggressive diplomacy, be it to civil unrest or invasive species attacking settlements, and to end the situations wherever they arise.

    Meat and potatoes: Thematically speaking, the game mode would ideally utilize a different method then a server browser. Master maps for regions/ races (think a Necris city center, or nightmare, or Egyptian, etc) would contain shops for you to buy 'upgrades' with your earnings from cashing in your kill counter(earned by offing rebels). These 'upgrades' would work similar in fashion to rpg skills/stats but could also be flare (want to rock a hawk see the stylist), weapon modifiers, traps (UT3 goo field for instance), health stations, air support beacons, etc. Depending on how EPIC structures the marketplace there is the potential to use it here also. These hubs also act as a sort of in between match lounge that is more interesting then a server browser.

    Enter portals (or drop ships, or whatever) to zones of contention (maps) to get to the action. Here the mode gets a little fuzzy because of the corporation aspect you could potentially have both PVP and PVE aspects here. Logically if 2 corporations are fighting over the same territory you would load in on the side of the fight of the hub you came from. Fighting on the side of one corporation or another would give you rep with them and might earn you their sponsorship, which it would be cool if that could follow you into the tournament proper. I.E. If I died in a DM match (and I do that a lot, I'm very good at it) the person who fragged me would get the standard death message That had a title (like Liandri Corp. minor) or maybe just a Phayder Corporation logo tacked out beside it. but here we are far afield in the land of conjecture. On the PVE side of the coin there the potential rebels (bots) and monsters.

    How actual gameplay differs from invasion:

    For those that never played it (what's wrong with you...jk), Invasion is a survival gamemode that involves progressively more difficult waves of monsters randomly spawning into a map. Here is the sneaky bit to the game mode. Depending on the map type depends on how the game plays....

    DM = (only PVE) Enemies randomly spawning all around you wave survival. (Basically INV)

    Ctf = (PVP/PVE)The rebels are behind barricades, survive and do enough damage to break past the barricade taking control of more of the map on the way to where the other flag would be. Currently active barricade is the only vulnerable one and where most enemies will spawn. You can get flanked though as more map opens up More things can spawn elsewhere.

    BLITZ= (PVE) I haven't really given this much thought but logically your goal would be to hold the defensive position until reinforcements arrive. So 1 longer wave survival

    ONS/WAR/AS (if they or anything like them ever exist) = (PVP with PVE support) Objective based rather then wave, Semi-survival. Players and Bots all spawn from faction controlled zones. Bots have limited numbers (like monsters in waves) and only must be killed once. Players have unlimited lives but a growing respawn timer based on time alive (spawn camping will hasten respawn at new location), number of deaths I.E. the more you die the longer it takes (this is incremental or gets annoying), and how much damage you receive (again incremental) as it takes longer to put your molecules back together after being vaporized by a redeemer then it does to plug a few holes from a gradual bleed out.

    Disclaimer: I possess barely a modicum of the needed abilities to pull this off so don't get your knickers in a twist just yet either in anticipation or seething hatred. But feel free to voice your thoughts, comments, critiques, extensions, ideas, support or displeasure.

    It is almost more of a total conversion mod than it is a game mode but it is UT-centric and at it's roots just a game mode or perhaps collection of game modes.