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Capture the battery gametype (CTB)

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    Capture the battery gametype (CTB)

    How do you think, if game has Double CTF-like gametype (DCTF) or CTB - capture the battery

    1) Specially designed for this mode maps has 2 flag-like points on each base. 2 blue and 2 red batteries.
    2) There are two points-zones. One on the blue base and one on the red base. This points used to bring the captured enemy battery there. The zone of this point is large that the goliath could not block this zone.
    3) If team bring the enemy battary while the second battery is set on enemy base in battery point the team got 1 point (will charge the base a little), but if team has 2 captured batteries in hands but not on the ground - one battery put in this zone will give 4 points (will charge the base heavily), but the second battary will most likely give 1 point, becouse the first battery will appear in the enemy respawn slot.
    4) The respawn of the battery, unlike the flag, is not instantaneous. It is build itself almost as well, but much faster than orb in its point in Warfare gametype.
    5) An additional difference from CTF gametype is you need to carry this battery in your hands and can not attack, but can drop the battery down to the surface and get the weapon, but it's doing not fast.
    6) With a battery in the hands, you also can not get into the vehicle as with flag. But you can install the battery on the vehicle using alt. fire button. Primary fire button drop the battery. This installation and deinstallation takes some time. If the vehicle is destroyed, the battery will also be destroyed. Can install only on battary on one vehicle.
    7) The each battery landing on the ground has 600-1000 HP to destroy it. If blue battery drop dawn, the blue team tries to destroy it, they can not take their battery from the ground. But the batteries in the respawn slots indestructible.
    8) A battery that has fallen to the ground or installed on vehicle more then some long time will destroy itself. Like the flag in CTF gametype that no one takes.
    9) Batteries exploding if destroyed cause damage over the radius by 100-150 units. If someone carries a battery in their hands and takes damage, the battery does not receive damage.

    The number of players for this gametype is increased relative to CTF, maybe 10x10 for CTB and 12x12 for CTB Vehicles. But all it should be more dynamic, because the game on two sides is completely different than on one side.
    Last edited by Andriushka; 07-24-2017, 08:40 PM.