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[MUTATOR] Last Resort v1.0

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    [PROTOTYPE] [MUTATOR] Last Resort v1.0

    Here's a fun mutator if your DM/TDM/CTF games are not chaotic enough.

    Summary: Put simply, each player explodes when they die. There is a slight delay (1 second) between death and explosion where the player's body starts glowing to indicate it is about to explode. Currently deals 125 damage within an 800uu radius sphere. I will play with these numbers and I plan on making this configurable in future versions. In team games, there is no friendly fire. An explosion triggered by a player on Red cannot deal damage any of his teammates on Red. You can still commit suicide, by the usual method or by being too close to an explosion you triggered.

    You will find that if enough players are close together the explosions can start a chain reaction. The player who initiates an explosion (scores a kill) gets credit for any subsequent explosions as well. This allows for some neat combos.

    The background on this project: I'm working on a variant of a future invasion gametype where players can select from a list of abilities, including this one. Last Resort will fit better with Invasion PvE games, but until that is released, I can only test it in the gametypes available. It proved to be fun enough that I isolated it and made it into its own mutator.

    Known Issues/Concerns:
    The mutator has been designed for online play. It has been tested in the UE4 editor "simulated server" sandbox but has not yet been tested in a true online environment. It is also designed entirely in Blueprint, so please let me know if you run into any problems.

    Bots do not know to avoid the glowing bodies.

    No configurable menu UI yet.

    Download can be found here by clicking on v1.0 Latest

    Drop the Pak file into \Epic Games\UnrealTournamentDev\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks

    Thanks, have fun!
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    Heh, pretty nice.


      Pretty neat concept presented here tidu!
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