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  • Champions of the planets (?)

    Back when we still played good old Doom1 we always cried a tear when we saw the intermission maps.
    Mostly because they subtily wakened a wish to man some jetbikes and to broom around on them.
    Now this could become the actual renovation of online deathmatching when focussing on new play
    experience for first person fighting action. Further it could maximally enrich the old and boring
    gotten arena matches with cool new possibilities like e.g. placing friendly or unfriendly pawns
    on the maps. Said maps could be similar to UT99 domination gametype and have controlpoints around
    great places made of minimalized environments - tiny space stations and forests and even cities!
    These should then itself be some sort of control point arenas best suitable for 1-1 dueling.
    And while this possibly even keep the illusion of being a real sized and important scenery.
    By having enough of these it would be pretty easy to place a good number of them on a huge
    planet sized terrain in order to strategically place certain other important stuffs aswell.
    There could be so many great things to explore ranging from flyable beasts to collectable native
    tribes which could then be used to defend some abandoned city control point and what not else.
    GOod STUff HERe <<

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    This seems to have some potential


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      Yes - it definitively allowed new adventurous game variation!
      Actually its basically Vehicle-CDom - a overall underrated
      gametype up now especially online. But it could be so much
      more with new elements added like random pickups which dont
      disappear and player controlled pawn allies of course all strategically
      economized through maximums of collectable things and such.
      Overall also some sort of artifact hunt as well!
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      GOod STUff HERe <<