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    [PROTOTYPE] BombingRun

    Click image for larger version  Name:	UT4BR color adress small.jpg Views:	1 Size:	40.9 KB ID:	394964

    BombingRun is a gametype of EpicGames since Unreal Tournament 2003. It has a long tradition and without the solid community, which is
    still playing every sunday and midweek in europe and usa, this project wouldn't come true. But here we are, basic mechanics work, major bugs
    has been solved and a solid online version is ready to be tested. You can join the network on those sites:


    Server: Fair-Gamers Germany BR Server #5
    Click image for larger version  Name:	1111111.JPG?width=1442&height=445.jpg Views:	1 Size:	98.1 KB ID:	394965

    All content is on redirect. So just join the server and download all content. Restart Unreal Tournament and you can join.

    Since it worked in old bombingrun, i would like to assign a day every week in which players meet to play UT4BR, which will be
    Wednesdays 8pm gmt / 12pm pst

    Starting day would be 29.11.2017. Please update/download UT and assign your configs before joining. So we don't have 10 players figuring out controls

    At the moment the only map is basic TwinTombs version, but the usual maps will follow. If you are interested in map-making - let me know, since i got the raw conversion already.

    Map List coming:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	222.JPG Views:	1 Size:	128.6 KB ID:	394967Click image for larger version  Name:	anu.JPG Views:	1 Size:	114.5 KB ID:	394968Click image for larger version  Name:	111t.JPG Views:	1 Size:	122.9 KB ID:	394969
    You can also make your own map, by placing UT4BR dummys. These will be replaced/patched with the gamemode:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	testbr.JPG Views:	4 Size:	291.5 KB ID:	394971

    Does this version have dodge-jump and double-jump like in UT2004?
    Yes, it has. There will be options to turn it off.
    Since the very start, bombing run had double jump. You can do your second jump after a teleport.
    This allows you to stand in air for 1 second and navigate the ball on heights or above enemy bodies.

    Does this version have unlimited translocator?
    No, it has a charged translocator and same mechanics like in UT2004. But there will be options to turn it off.
    Theres also ball-throwing penalty. This mechanic is implemented since Unreal Tournament 2004, to force the player for more passing.
    It works, they pass more.

    Can i turn off the double jump and charged translocator?
    Yes if you click on "Configure Mutator" you can choose vBR.
    This is vanilla version and has same movement and translocator as UT4.
    Keep in mind, there is no UT4 map yet and BombingRun was never played with these options in the past 15 years.

    Can i play this with instagib?
    Yes you can, the mutator BombingRun has options on "Configure Mutator" to choose iBR
    The screenshot shows, which mutator needs to be activated on the server or before the game.

    What is the advantage of UT4 bombingrun?
    Beside graphics and fully modable version, it is possible to track every detail. Passes done, recieved, attacking, defense style.
    Same is already implemented into Paragon and UT has already basics of it. Agora for paragon gives an idea:
    It has replay-mechanics similar to paragon. So every online-game you play, you can rewatch and make clips.

    Will there be adrenaline and speed?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pillut4.jpg Views:	2 Size:	80.8 KB ID:	394972

    The game feels slow at some parts and i saw a bug!
    Yes, UE4 blueprints is not as fast as C++. Though the UT4BR code has a big potential of improvement. So faster code and debugging will come.

    Where are the players?
    The players will come and can be found on discord. Please join Wednesdays or evening midweek.

    Any more infos?
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    How does this have no feedback?! Ill get this on the UT4Pug servers tonight!


      Great! I'll stop by and try it out. Thanks to n0niz for making this mode. I can imagine that it takes quite some time and effort to realize this project. But having BR in UT4 is a good thing - german Unreal Tournament Fansite


        Good job n0niz and nice to see BomingRun back in UT again.


          News on BombingRun Jan 2018

          The gamemode is doing good progress. Wednesdays gaming day has been accepted by the community and it is growing, arround 10 players each gaming day. Updates and features have been added and the maplist evolved.


          Click image for larger version  Name:	12121.JPG Views:	1 Size:	180.8 KB ID:	396013Click image for larger version  Name:	Unbenafwegfe3wnnt.JPG Views:	1 Size:	223.9 KB ID:	396014Click image for larger version  Name:	561t.JPG Views:	1 Size:	146.2 KB ID:	396015

          Anubis and Twintombs are still basic, these will get some love later. I will port one more map, then focus on improving gamemode, features, stats and the maps. You can guess which map is coming:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	222.JPG Views:	1 Size:	83.0 KB ID:	396016

          We have a Unreal Carnage US Hub with all maps running now. EU players have 160 ping, just small delay, but doesn't affect the game much right now. EU Hub is still missing.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	3333.jpg Views:	1 Size:	76.4 KB ID:	396017

          Additionally Videos have been added. Small trailer and basic tutorial of the gamemode. More tutorial videos will follow:

          Adrenaline with speed has been added. It works on Disclosure, but will follow on the other maps of course:

          Thats it so far. Remember Wednesdays 8pm gmt / 12pm pst UT4BombingRun. See you on the server.
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            Originally posted by n0niz View Post
            The gamemode is doing good progress. Wednesdays gaming day has been accepted by the community and it is growing, arround 10 players each gaming day. Updates and features have been added and the maplist evolved.
            Tested on some online server yesterday. Some nice work was pretty fun.

            However i experienced some bugs:
            - switching of weapon is bugged using wheel mouse, sometimes can't even switch to translocator. Everybody online experienced this bug.
            The most annoying bug.
            - some loudy sounds
            - experienced some lag (maybe that caused the switch weapon bug?)
            - Music does not loop on BR-Anubis

            - Sound for "Ball dropped" / "Ball picked up" or/and "Blue got ball" "Red got ball"
            - Add some close to target alarm sound like in Blitz near final objective point)
            - Remove that blurry effect for scoreboard

            Keep on the good work !


              News on BombingRun April 2018

              Here are the frequent updates of the last months. The ball has reached his new form with update 1.43:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	226.JPG Views:	1 Size:	33.1 KB ID:	399360
              This is WIP and the textures are just placeholders, more updates will follow. Not only the new style makes the ball pretty by Mr.Rubinshtein, the ball has also new coding:
              Instead of destroying and spawning, the ball will get attached to the player and then renders not visible.
              This means the balls stays alive at all times except at goal score.

              Download here:

              Since january a new scoreboard shows is available:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	72e3dc110a2fa75e0e12d775ddcd173c.jpg Views:	1 Size:	222.1 KB ID:	399362

              The gamemode has his own options to play UT4 movement or UT2k4 movement or instagib iBR on "Configure Mutator"

              Click image for larger version  Name:	cf887ced827d8151f464205d5245bc5e.jpg Views:	1 Size:	217.4 KB ID:	399361

              Beside a lot of bug fixes, specially for a clean log and smooth fps, the gamemode has been added to more hubs:

              Unreal Battles #4 - DE - EU Hub

              [PHX] PHOENIX GERMANY - EU Hub

              A new and old map found the way back to BR. Grendelkeep is available and looks better than ever:

              A new tutorial about the translocator has been added:

              For the future there will be bot support. They already know where to go, but have some problems with the ball.
              A new version of Twintombs, Anubis and some fixes on Disclosure and Grendelkeep will come.

              Thats it so far, see you on Wednesdays on [PHX] PHOENIX GERMANY - EU Hub or Fair Gamers Server #5


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                Great Work !
                Thanks a lot for all you did for the Community


                  News on BombingRun August 2018

                  The gamemode reached version 1.5 and has new features

                  - ballpass intercept with a shock combo of the enemy team
                  - ballpass intercept with a Charged bioshot of the enemy team
                  - New Scoreboard
                  - featuring instagib, vanillaUT4 and UT2004 bombingrun in mutator menu
                  - basic bot support online and offline

                  UT2004: Doublejump/Dodgejump, Adrenaline, BR-Translocator

                  UT4: Adrenaline, BR-Translocator

                  Instagib: Adrenaline, BR-Translocator, Jumps as wanted

                  In the meantime we had a mixed cup match with assault, bunnytrack and bombing run, which worked very well.
                  Congratulations to team LATAM 1 (Matt and faßot) for the win.

                  The result and feedback was quite interesting, since i followed the community and set UT4 translocator with infinite ammo.
                  The gameplay was throwing ball and teleporting then, which gave negative feedback.
                  So i will trust my 15 years of bombing run experience and keep BR-Translocator for both versions, though you can turn it off fully.

                  Map Updates:

                  Right on time at the cup, the rework of TwinTombs was finished and looks very nice

                  A rework of Grendelkeep was made for more light and bot support

                  DarkHell made the first custom BombingRun map with TwinTombs-Pro

                  He's also working on a nice layout for new map BR-UnrealAges

                  All maps can be found on the dev-blog:

                  Bot support:

                  The gamemode support online and offline bot support.
                  The bot will puckup the ball and tries to score 7, they defend and attack the ball carrier.
                  In future there will be passing and 3 points scoring, both is possible. It's just a matter of time, till i got it.
                  Some bugs occur with bots, which need to be fixed, but nothing that breaks the gameflow.

                  Next will be a rework of Disclore and Anubis. I will announce regular Wednesdays in 2 weeks, when i'm back from vacation.

                  Btw 12 bots godlike instagib is almost impossible to score

                  Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


                    News on BombingRun Dezember 2018
                    It's been some months since the last update. The Gamemode is doing progress with version 1.54. Download here:

                    - Official bot support has been added and is working smoothly. Bots are able to pick up the ball, run as squad and score 7 points. Passing and 3 points will come in future
                    - Lift jump has been added: To compensate the missing double jump, you can a do small lift up, if you teleport + jump at the same time. This is a skilled movement, to control ball in air. It works very well and doesn't affect normal movement at all.
                    - Loser bonus has been added: To prevent high scores like 42 : 0 the losing team gets a damage bonus, if they are losing to high. I tested it already on UnrealPugs showcase match. It works well
                    - Catching an enemy pass grants 50 shield
                    - Shock rifle and Instagib rifle boosting of the ball has been added
                    - Last second safe has been added: On killing the ballcarrier at the goal, killer gets 10 pills
                    - Killing the ballcarrier grants 12 pills
                    - Added a Ballspectator: You can spectate the ball now. This makes it very much easier to follow the game, specially for streamers
                    - Changed gunmodel with ballcore

                    Map updates:

                    Two maps have been reworked. All basic maps are supporting bots now.

                    A nice version of Disclosure is ready for action. You can find it on UTCC:

                    Rework of Anubis is finished with very nice bot support. It's not easy to score here. Download here:


                    In the meantime we had a UnrealPugs Showcase match with twitch stream and full server. Stay tuned for more
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                      News on BombingRun September 2019

                      It's almost a year since the last update. It got a bit quiet arround UT but the mods are still going on.
                      The Gamemode is doing progress with version 1.57. Download here:

                      Next gaming day: 09.10.2019 at 9pm cest / 12pm pdt on [PHX] PHOENIX GERMANY - UT4 Bombing Run

                      -Almost all ball bugs should be fixed by now
                      -The scoreboard has been improved with team-banners
                      -The scoreboard measures PSR now (Passes successful rate), which shows successful passes / total passes to enemy team
                      -Shield and additional health respawn after a goal has been added
                      -electric reset effect with reset sound
                      -the ballauncher comes with new sounds for locking, throwing and passing
                      -individual speed key has been added (rallye key), it activates speed on 100 piils, "adrenaline full" tells it now
                      -bots can now score 3 points
                      -bots can do locked passes now

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	222.jpg Views:	1 Size:	61.7 KB ID:	406513Click image for larger version  Name:	ut4br1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	479.6 KB ID:	406514

                      Tutorial updates

                      Because we had a pretty good testing day last time, i was able to make new tutorial videos, which make it easier to learn Bombing Run on different skill levels.


                      Remember, next gaming day: 09.10.2019 Wednesday at 9pm cest / 12pm pdt on [PHX] PHOENIX GERMANY - UT4 Bombing Run

                      See you on the server
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