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Assault Idea - Dynamic, completely moveable Spawn Point

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    Assault Idea - Dynamic, completely moveable Spawn Point

    I have an idea if UT4 does implement Assault. Call it heresy, just a little idea worth trying out

    Remember ol' UT99's AS-HiSpeed's helicopter from which attackers spawn to? How about we make it so that heli is controllable, and the first and constant objective is to land that thing anywhere on the train.

    Q : Defenders counter? And what if the vehicle is landed sooo close to the objectives?
    A : The heli is destructible even after landed, and the platform is guarded with anti-airs that DOESN'T attack foot soldiers. Defenders should be equipped with AVRiL or sorts.

    Q : How will the attackers other than the vehicle-pilot contribute?
    A : Well, the side doors are open for attackers to either fire upon the harrassment the defenders throw, or just jump off for the sake of a faster action.

    Q : What if bots control it?
    A : Like in UT3, you can hijack it away from bots. Well, my vision would be bot determining the best location through some danger calculation and objective proximity. If no one controls the vehicle, well, it has a similar auto-pilot that acts like bot which triggers 10 seconds or less if the seat is left empty. That, or the thing can just fall off to add the tension, LOL.

    Q : What happens if the spawn vehicle get destroyed?
    A : The first respawn spawns piloting the new spawn vehicle, and has to start over again. The anti-air would be reduced more by then due to attackers' progress. Next spawn would be inside the vehicles again. But survivors

    Q : What if my team lands the vehicle in a terrible place?
    A : Simple, drive it away from its' current place. But better ask your teammates first. They might be surprised to spawn away from their previous place

    Q : Does it have weapon?
    A : For the current idea, maybe no. It serves purely as dynamic spawn point

    So... input? Criticism? If you say no, why?