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    UT4 Battle Royale

    With many UT players enjoying fortnite BR currently, I've been thinking how such a mode might translate to UT4. I think it could, not directly of course. This is just a brain dump to get some ideas out there.

    Idea 1:
    Remember greed in ut3? Everytime a frag was made, a skull token would drop. If a player has fragged 3 players, and gets fragged, they will drop 4. Larger skulls represented a higher number of frags so you had giant red ones for 20 (if I remember correctly). If this element was introduced into a large map last man standing gametype, that could be interesting. the number of skulls (or similar tokens) collected could provide protection similar to armor - eg makign health decrease slower. The number of skulls a player has could be visible to opponents.

    Idea 2:
    All weapons and remaining health are dropped on fragging a player.

    The hitscan issue
    In fortnight, weapon machanics severely limit long range accuracy. In UT hitscan is different and very effective at long range. I don't think core UT should be altered for a UTBR, so I think either sniper/shock rifiles have to be rare (sniper more so) or maps need to be designed with sniper rifle in mind (no direct line of sight over long).

    Separating gameplay into various mini-maps might work very well to reduce the hitscan issue, normalizing game play. as well as making them hard to create of course. It is a nice thought to have multiple maps in one larger map. Simple open terrain wouldn't work in ut4, especially without vehicles. We wouldn't need a large number of maps.

    Chests and randomisation
    Not sure.

    I think the showdown style spawning system might work well this, it would need to be instant and not turn based though.

    I am not for altering weapons or damage values to support a new gametype - it should be made to work with UT. I think the onus should be on designing the gametype and map to work with it.

    I don't think it's necessary. I think it takes away from the fun in FN and think it would ruin a UT4 iteration of BR
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    Battle royale already existed in AFPS. It's called Last Man/Team Standing.

    The current "BR" games just put it on a larger scale and slower pace. But everything else is here.

    Battle Royale in my opinion brings absolutely nothing new to the genre.


      People like that larger scale and slower pace and I reckon it might get people into ut4. However supporting a larger number of players means more than just a last man standing on dm maps designed for less than six players.

      I also think as mentioned above an additional gameplay mechanic could make it more fun. ie dropping all weapons and health, and the shrinking circle type thing
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        I agree that UT4 is going to need Battle Royale and it might be the way we save UT4. We need to get this idea out there that the Devs could make the best version of Battle Royale in UT4.
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          Save UT by turning it into something else? Sounds more like sacrifice than save. It wouldn't work without scrapping everything to date...weapons, maps, models, movement...everything would have to go and why would Epic do this? They already have a BR hit with Fortnite.

          The arena FPS is currently not favored, that's all there is to it. There is no money there, the player counts are dismal and the genre is just too thin for what people are looking for right now. Even PUBG, for all of it's simplicity is quite a complex game underneath the veneer of the idea. We just need to accept that at the moment, Epic are busy keeping themselves relevant as a modern game developer, working on their engine to make money and are not that interested in putting time and effort into what is right now a niche audience. They aren't a charity.

          UT is UT and always will be. To change it up in the way this thread is discussing is cheapening the name and simply will not work; it will be seen as a cheap sellout and by the time it comes to market, people will be on to other things. The only thing we can do is wait and hope that as the BR wave recedes there is room on the beach for UT to continue development.
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            Last man standing on larger scale maps perhaps with some kind of arena shrinking mechanism.

            Not not ut at all. UT is many many things and this is far from the furtherst.
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              Personally I'm perfectly happy with how UT is, I don't want or need further development really, just more content. Including gametypes. Most of the issues UT deals with comes from the very narrow vision of the veteran playerbase, and unwillingness to try new things.
              Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp


                Check out Nyne Battle Royale. Point being that the BR train is already getting crowded and will only get worse in the coming months. So, unless you can get something to market like right now,'s over.
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