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A strange mod idea I might want to try.

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    A strange mod idea I might want to try.

    The most basic version of the mod would use free for all as a base. The concept requires a fairly large open world map design. It wont really work in small or normal sized levels. Everyone spawns in farthest from other players. you have 3 new variables stored on every player. Blue energy, Yellow energy and green energy. I make 3 new pickup blueprints that respawn every 5 to 10 minutes. All other pickup bases around the world spawn random weapons and ammo on much longer cooldowns.

    Blue energy and yellow energy are two separate things that will constantly count down over time. Blue energy counts down slightly faster than yellow energy. If one of these energies is allowed to reach zero it starts to cost you health overtime instead. it will be fairly rare to find location on the map that has both types of energy in the same area. You have to constantly move from place to place to replenish both types of energy.

    Green energy is like a currency that goes down slowly when you use a vehicle or possibly buy items or trade with other players. If it reaches zero there is no penalty other than not being able to operate a vehicle anymore. You can use green energy to buy blue energy from another player for example.

    You only start with a jackhammer, you never spawn with a weapon.

    If you die or are killed by another player you drop everything you had. Desperate players can kill you for your energy reserves.

    The final thing is that you get points for staying alive for as long as possible. That's it, killing other players or bots gives no points. when you first start out, you get one point every 60 seconds. After 10 minutes you begin to get 2 points every 60 seconds. after 30 minutes you will get 3 points. After 60 minutes you will gain 5 points every 60 seconds.

    If you die everything resets. How long can you survive?

    Sound interesting to anyone else?
    - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle
    Twitter: @zZCastleZz