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    Originally posted by Archer6621 View Post
    This is already the case
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      Originally posted by Anduriel View Post
      The only big negative point I can see is when you're currently carrying the flag and time runs out because of halftime swap. There are two possible solutions: It can either be kept that way and you just say "Well, that's bad luck, but time is up." or the game mode is adjusted so that the halftime is extended as long as there's at least one flag currently carried. So the halftime only ends when both flags are back at their base. This way the teams have a chance to finish their current attack.

      In terms of standard time limit per map I think 20 minutes with halftime should work fine. In this case competitive matches with best of three should normally take 40-60 minutes which should be good for players and spectators. The questions is how overtime and sudden death is handled with halftime. For example overtime could be two times five minutes.
      If players know it is about to end I don't think there are going to be problems. Also you can see stuff like this already happening when the match is about to be over and I think it adds some excitement and frustration to the game. I agree that it should based on time not caps. 1st half ten minutes than a 30 second or so halftime and then another ten minutes. For overtime instead of 10 minutes it will 5 minutes.

      Another useful thing about OT is that you can adjust your settings. You can see that happened today with m3ss fixing his sound.
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        It should allow map makers to specify if there should be half time or not, then you get given the option of yes/no/map default when setting up your game