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Space match and Space ONS

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    Space match and Space ONS

    Its like Death match, Expect here you are flying in a space ship like the Human and skaarj space fighter from UT2004 AS-mothership.

    here how it works:
    - Rules are are simple, get the Required kills among the other players.
    - You start with a Space fighter, with starting ammo of bullets (like Enforcer's bullets)
    - about the different Weapons, yes, we know the original deathmatch has Different weapons like rocket launcher, flak cannon, link gun, so there are ammo scatered across the space map:
    Shock ammo - Provides the ship with shock ammo, so then your ship is able to shoot shock ammo.
    Link ammo - Used to Repair Friendly ships/Vehicles, but also good in close range combat.
    Stinger ammo - Like the starting ammo, but its upgraded with stinger.
    Flak ammo - Very usefull in Close range combat, also its good against bigger ships.
    Rocket ammo - It can Lock on other ships, does good damage if it hits.
    AVARiL ammo - Heavy missile, its Used to make Bombing run on bigger ships or On Power nodes/Cores.
    Redeemer ammo - a Nuke bomb, Deals massive damage, Very effective against bigger ships. only can carry 1 of this type of ammo.
    - Aswell as Vehicles, like i said, the Bigger ships are the Vehicles for the small Space crafts, you just have to dock into the bigger ships and you are controlling the bi ship. here are list of Vehicles:
    Rammer - its like Manta, it can ram small space crafts without taking damage, and has more powerfull engines, flys quite faster than the small crafts
    Patrol Craft - Based on Hellbender, has Long range cannon, and a Defence turrets. 3 Space crafts can dock to it, first will take the controlls, second will take the controlls on the long range cannon, third will take the defence turret. Basicaly a teamwork craft.
    Shield Frigate - Based on paladin, Armored Frigate with an ability to form shield to protect the fleet against enemy incoming fire. also armored with powerfull shock cannon.
    Citadel Battlecruiser - Based on Goliath, Heavy armored Battlecruiser that has Powerfull main Cannons, and also has Turret to Protection against small crafts.
    Plasma Battlecruiser - Based on Ion plasma tank, Heavy armored battlecruiser that has Upgrade Main cannons with In plasma, and also has Turret to Protection against small crafts.
    Orbital Dominator - Based on Leavithan, Overweighted armor, Defencive Rocket battaries That launches Homing AVARiL rockets, and also has 4 Defence battaries against small crafts. can Transform into Powerfull orbital Ion Cannon. its alos the vehicle used to call Orbital ion strikes from the Ion painters from UT2004.
    - Game modes:
    Space match - Deathmatch with Space crafts, who has the most kills, wins.
    Team space match - like Space match, but here are teams.
    Space Onslaught- its like Onslaught game mode, Expect you are In space craft, with all the features i explained above. and as a Vehicles, there are Bigger ships that i Explained before.
    Space assault - same as assault, Exepct players controling space crafts, Vehicles witch are bigger ships that i Explained before can be used in this gaem mode too.
    Shock Therapy.

    Added poll, come on guys, i want to see your Thoughts and opinions about the idea i posted, Suggestions and Critisms are allowed, as long they are not trolling/rude.
    Shock Therapy.


      Mothership was a fun map, maybe something along the lines of 2 facing ships and each team has to destroy the other teams ship, and the only way to cross between them is via fighters having to fly through turrets/asteroids/ enemy fighters. Maybe a central turrent in between the two ships as a central node.


        So it's StarFox 64/Rogue Squadron all over again and I like it, but for what I understand you are talking about of a game more like Forsaken 64... (I loved that game btw)

        For all things you said I think that kind of gameplay is best suited for indoors maps (except vehicles). Besides, for it to be a space match it need to be in space and once you get there there are 4 main problems:

        1.- The map needs to be big and almost empty
        2.- The pickups can be easily missed
        3.- You can get disoriented pretty fast

        AS-Mothership didn't suffer from any of this because the map was quite large outside and you always had a point of reference large enough to see it so you always knew if you were upside down or close to the mothership and you didn't have to pick up anything.

        It could be fun to have a map to test this idea, specially if CTF or WAR are being considered because that means that the map should have some structures. a CTF map were you need to go inside a base could be fun, take the flag and scap through some space junk sounds like fun.

        Now, I say it again, it could be fun to have dogfights but there are many things to consider, the movement should feel right and not akward like in most games were vehicle combat is not the core gameplay, and since you are always moving forward maps and object placement should be right on spot or it will not work. W and S can determine your speed, dodging can make you perform a barrel roll or something. Weapons can have 2 fire modes as always and vehicles can be modules that adapt to your ship and to use them you should be in range of it and press the USE key so you don't accidentally jump on them and you don't need to be right next to them.

        And speaking of ships, the could be customized in the character creation just to add some variety to the mix.

        I think a gametype or maps like this could fit in the unreal universe, AS-Mothership did it great and exploring a more vehicle base gametype can't be bad.

        I like the concept and I hope in the future could be considered to see if this idea can work out.

        anyway some more example of what could look like (I think)

        StarFox 64

        Star Wars Rouge Squadron II

        Adrenaline Mutator Concept / Multi Gametype Maps Concept /Character Creation Concept /Single Player Concept