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HP packs for 50 hp

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    HP packs for 50 hp

    I've always thought, why all games have HP packs for 25 hp? Who made that standard?

    I suggest 50-HP-pack is introduced to game. If you think - it becomes very annoying in DM mode for instance that you can't replenish you health. When you are low you have to hide and run away often to save collected weapons - it wastes time. Sometimes it is even more profitable to die intentionally and start from 100 again. I guess it is not very good part of gameplay.

    Ideally I think if you are able to find health-pack - hp should be restored by 50-75 hp. At least on mass DM maps.

    50hp packs sounds good, however they should be present in less amounts than vials or the 25 packs. It's up to the mapper to place them but I think a good ratio could be 2 - 4 per map.

    Now in gameplay, knowing where the 50hp pack is important, but predictable, if you are chasing someone we all know that he/she will turn and shoot or will go for the health so you can break the chase and get to the pack first.

    replenishing half of your life is good if you are low on health, but most weapons can kill you in a few shots, if you hit someone 3 or 4 times with the shock rifle he/she will probably die and if you can hit a player 3 or 4 times in a row with the shock rifle, chances are that you are gonna hit'em again, specially if you know where they're going, in that case 50 hp won't help much.

    but then again, it could be something interesting to try.
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      Extremely trivial to make a blueprint of the health pickup with a higher health value.
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