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Bombing Run idea to encourage team play.

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    Bombing Run idea to encourage team play.

    I have the idea that the when you pickup the Ball/bomb, there's a timer on it that counts down and you have that long to pass the ball to another team mate, or it will instantly kill you and drop at your feet, for anyone to pickup. Basically, its a time bomb that can be reset, and holding it too long blasts you with radiation fatally.

    Or alternatively, you can pass it to yourself to reset the timer by throwing and bouncing it, or throwing and trans-locating to intercept it.

    I got this idea partially from Gaelic sports, which nearly all have rules that forbid you from just running across the entire pitch, straight through the goals solo, without either skillfully volleying the ball or passing back and forth (as well as international soccer, which has a lot of passing and skillful juggling of the ball with your feet)

    Of course, this might set the skill ceiling a little too high, so it might better off as a mutator or mod, but I think it would be fun. I suspect it might require changes to other parts of the current rules to make it work

    This is an interesting idea. How about you can take a certain number of steps that fill an overcharge bar, and you have to get rid of it before the charge is full or there is a random chance you will die with it?
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      bouncing sounds like fun, shoot the ball to a wall, kill the player in front of you and then grab the ball again, I smell awesome trick shots and videos.

      Now, having a ball as a time bomb can be interesting, but that means that a player should always be aviable for the pass and trying to find a team mate might be difficult if you don't know where you are, a small radar or something that point to the nearest player would solve that problem.
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        Well there's loads of ways it could be done. The thing i loved about BR most was the passing aspect and I would have preferred it had more of it, that you're always passing back and forth to create an opening in the defense (apart from what you get with a straight up kill). Its a fuzzy idea in my head right now, so i'm not sure how it would work unless it was prototyped and the different physics and values trialed and errored.

        My back up option in case finding someone to pass became too much of a problem, is the idea that you have to volley the ball but the timer winds back when you pick it back up, so there's a moment were someone can swipe it in mid air from your grasp if you're not careful. I think the physics of the ball should be a different for this though, like it should have more a rebound against a surface and a flatter arc for short distances. I like the idea of midair ball interception on long passes using the translocator. The possibilities for emergent gameplay from this are great though.

        The other idea I was thinking about was holding the ball disables your use weapons and translocator....but while you have it, you have some enhanced movement or trick jump abiltiies. But I think that's a seperate discussion.


          I like the idea of encouraging team play but a self frag seems a bit harsh.. maybe the energy of the ball is slightly toxic and drains your energy the longer you have it.. slowing you down??.. then when you let go of the ball.. your "toxicity" bar slowly heals back to 0 toxicity.

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