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Game mode: Exodus

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    Game mode: Exodus

    Hi there, I have a idea for new game mode, which names Exodus (or maybe Outcome).

    Rules & meta:

    Mode requires big maps (maybe bigger then regular ONS/WAR maps), and same amount of players.

    In the center of the map is a launch pad.
    Each team has base with assembler facility, which can construct a space shuttle, and huge, well-armed, slow caterpillar transporter for it.
    But for building you need a recourses. It's randomly scattered on the map, but in small pieces. To gain more resources, you need take modified Hellbender with cargo container, and go to the one of harvester platforms, it's extract more resources, but it can waste away if you take a lot of recourses, and it need some time to extract another part of resources.
    Deliver recourses on your base, and when you have enough of it, assembler start to build a shuttle and transporter. It takes one minute of real time.
    Also, you can infiltrate in the enemy base, and hack enemy assembler, it's increase time of construction in twice.

    After finish of construction you need to drive transporter to the launch pad. Remember, it's VERY slow, slower than Leviathan, and of course enemy team does not sleep.
    When you reach launch pad, you need to "park" transporter in the marked square. And launch pad supports automatically capture the shuttle and start to raise it for launch. It takes 20 seconds. And after this shuttle still destroyable (but it have HUGE HP level, what makes destruction of it pretty difficult task). When shuttle prepared to launch, all team need to board, and one of team members push the "start" button. Remember, you take additional bonus points for EVERY team member, who managed to board, and flew with you. Ignition of engines takes 5 seconds (remember, what shuttle still destroyable), and after this... you win!
    You can watch fancy cutscene, and laugh at loosers.

    Sounds semi interesting but I imagine there to be lots of annoying/frustrating scenarios.


      I'm not sure. The strength of UT is its simplicity, and your concept is quite complex. I do like the concept of moving resources with a vehicle.

      So maybe the following:
      Each base has a hangar for a spaceshuttle. To build it, resources are needed. Recources can be collected at one or more points on the map. As a Hellbender is parked at a point, recourses get loaded in. When the Hellbender is destroyed, so are the recourses. It is possible (but unlikely) to steal the vehicle.

      A nice twist would be to make the Hellbender more visble to the enemy as the amount of recourses increases. So it would be possible to make small deliveries, having a slow but steady flow as you stay under the radar most of the time. Or load the Hellbender to the max, making great progress but you'd have to deal with missilelocks all the way.