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    Super Competitive

    I just had an idea for some "Super Competitive"-mode while watching the stream.

    The idea:
    I saw how modular the weapons are modeled so i thought it could be fun if weapons had their own hitboxes and get damage when hit, like parts falling off. Or the more damage a weapon gets the more its behavior changes. For example a no more straight flying flakball and stuff like that.

    I know this could become a realy frustraiting Gametype but also beeing fun to see very good players to deal with it. In the end every player would have some damaged weapons so it gets kinda fair. In special cases weapons could be affected positive through damage, like a little bit faster firing rate.

    so, realistic behavior then? I don't see it as gametype, perhaps as a mutator or mod where the more damage you get the more broken the weapons are so it stablish a priority on healing.
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      I think this kinda stuff is not only a good idea, but a must in the new era of FPS's.

      Along these lines, I'd also suggest that if a character gets hit in the leg (and is not dead) he moves slower.
      If he get's hit in the arm, maybe he can't use weapons very well.

      What would need to happen in all of this kind of stuff though is that the kill time would have to grow. It's too close to insta-gib to implement this kind of stuff at the moment. I really wish the game would steer towards this direction... who really wants yet another twitch FPS.. that is so "been there done that". :-)

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        But this is Unreal Tournament, this is an ARENA FPS, it's supposed to be fast paced, it's supposed to be UNREAL, I can't get behind this idea to be part of the core game. Realism should not be in this game, there are other games that are realistic, you could play those or wait for a mod.

        UT is not a game that is so "been there done that", UT is the game that shows other games how it's done.
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          Don't get me wrong. Im playing UT since 99 and i love it for what it is. It was only an idea for a mode which could make the gameplay less predictable.

          But you guys are right, probably its better as an mutator.


            Exactly - it makes it less predictable and arena on highly competitive level is all about prediction, map awareness, timings and mindgames.
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