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[concept] Bombing Run - Badminton

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    [concept] Bombing Run - Badminton


    I see Volleyminton being a mod of the Bombing Run gametype, and having components of both Badminton and Volleyball. Tycerax's idea of "Volleyball", which is interesting it's own right, sparked this idea for me.

    Here are my key ideas of Volleyminton:
    - Scoring and base rules are similar to the official Badminton and Volleyball rules
    - Weapons are only "Ball Carrier" (for serves only), shock rifle, and impact hammer.
    - You may kill opponents with shock rifle.. killed opponents will spawn in safe enclosures on the sidelines.
    - ball movement is akin to the traditional bombing run, but has a slight more behavior that of a shuttlecock (ball is a little floaty)

    General game play:
    A server will serve the ball from a designated serving area. There are no limits to hits and the server will need to boost his serve with his shock rifle. A simple and specific map is important in this game, because there will need to be a high enough net that the opposing team can't affect the projectile path of the ball until it is near passing to their side. There is no out of bounds and you are playing in an enclosed "box".. so basically, just don't let the ball hit the floor on your side! Be careful, if you are not protected behind some kind of barrier, the bottom of the net is high enough that opponents can jolt you / kill you with their shock rifle. A score is made by the ball landing on the opponents side.

    Ball Manipulation:
    Use the Shock Rifle and/or the Impact Hammer to manipulate the Ball. Remember, there are no minimum hits.. so if you are not under the ball when it's coming to your side, ignite a shock combo under the ball to elevate it, then maybe another combo on the far side of the ball to send it sailing over the net to the opponents side. A teamate can redirect it as well at the last second too. The ball can be sent bouncing off a ceiling or side-wall. A fairly accurate Volley could be made by a specific charge of the Impact Hammer. The alt fire of the IH could be used to send a shield that also impacts the ball before it gets to you.

    Offense: Offense is the team that has just sent the ball over the net.
    Defense: Defense is the team receiving the ball.

    - Defense: Learn how to manipulate the ball as a team without the opponent killing (literally) your strategy. That may include some defensive players manipulating the ball, and some working on disrupting the offending side with frags.
    - Offense: Timed and key frags should make it so the ball lands on the opponents side of the court, thus earning a point.

    note: Title says "Badminton", but couldn't figure out how to edit it to "Volleyminton"
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