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    CONCEPT Double Assault

    Double Assault it's perhaps the worst name for it, but it really catches what this gametype is about, it's nothing complicated but yet could be really fun.

    In regular assault, one team is attacking, trying to complete objectives on the map while the other team is defending, trying to stop the team from completing those objectives. Now what if both teams are attacking and deffending at same time?

    It's a mix between warfare and assault, however, once an objective is completed the other team can recover it, unlike warfare where you capture nodes and the other team can capture it too.

    Again, probably the worst example for this, but look at how dota or lol works, there are some towers you have to destroy in order to progress to the enemy base, once a tower is destroyed it remains destroyed, it's gone. This gametypes works on the same principle, just like original assault. The maps could have different objectives depending on the map, and the maps could be different, for example, two trains and you could jump from one to the other, a city, a forest. a factory, something in space, etc, everything with different layouts (and it doesn't need to be a 3 line summoner rift thing).

    If player is killed, they have to wait some seconds before respawning at the base, so team work could be crucial since the team could be killed leaving the other team free to acomplish all the objectives.

    Now, the warfare part comes in because you could have optional objectives that could give you an advantage, in some maps could be permanent while in others the teams could fight for it. Also the layout of the could be similar, since assault map are very straight forward and don't give the option to defend other parts of the map, you just push your way to the next objective.

    This gametype is less of a back and forward game like warfare and more like push forward like assault while at the same time stoping the other team from doing the same thing.

    A simple map could be "destroy the enemy core" and to that there a different objectives you need to complete in order to gain access to the enemy base and once you complete the objective the team have that advantage for the rest of the match. Another one that fall into this is the moba style, destroy some towers to gain access to the base and destroy the core.

    Another map could be about capturing thing as objectives, or something else.

    It may need some tweaks but the overall idea is that, at least two teams trying to complete objectives while defending theirs, once an objective is completed it remains that way for the entire match.
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    I like this concept. It would be a bit like Team Fortress 2's Payload Race.

    The maps should be kept small, and fast paced. When one team is almost winning, there should be still this possibility for the other team to recover quickly (similar to LoL).

    Because the maps would be compact, I think it would be better without vehicles, though.


      I love this idea.

      It would be a really nice competitive mode when we got a good implementation.
      Since you need to create good tactics to win and it's a really unique gamemode.
      And in my opinion that's what UT4 could really need, a unique mode which is good for competitive play. (And I dont think Assault or Bombing Run are part of that.)


        This is again another concept that is entirely down to mappers, who have a hard enough time making a simple DM map in less than a month's time.
        At least break your post up into two clear bullet lists that show the game logic needed to start and finish a typical match in this mode.

        UT4 doesn't really need anything by the way, it just needs a best hits compilation for 2015 PCs and no multiplatform focus to kill it off early this time. Considering it's being made basically for free and with a theoretical infinite in size team the biggest hurdle to overcome is designing a solid 1.0 package to give to non-developers, so try to avoid putting extra demand on devs unless you can help make it easy to block out and prototype quickly.

        Since all I'm seeing is a disorganised mixture of map design feature ideas it's not going to be easy blocking this out for a test map so please post a full bulleted list of the objectives, forward spawns?, super weapons allowed?, spawn waves (if any, times)?, estimated match length, time extensions? etc for a single map.


          this is an Exelent idea!

          Here is an idea for a map could be good for this mode:

          skaarj has Established a Foward Base Near the Axons Main HQ, The skaarj has been Ordered to Place C4 Explosives Inside of the Axons HQ, However, the Axons HQ is Well Defended, Having Anti Vehicle Force fields, Blocking Vehicles away, so the Team that was skaarj have to find a switch to Deactivate the Field, and Skaarj can stole For Example a Blue Print to get better weapons, and At that time, The Team whos on "Axons" Side Have to Infitrate The Skaarj's Forward base and Hack the terminal and Force the Skaarj mother ship to Target the Ion cannon on the Skaarj Foward base.

          Yes to the idea ill go with it, it sounds very fun.
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