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    One CTF

    Hello !

    I would like presents other gametype concept. This gametype is similar to Bombing Run if Greed with UT 3.

    1. Original battle - on 2 teams
    2. Maps have 3 flags - two in teams and last on the center maps
    3. Each team should catch flag with center point and deliver to enemy base
    4. Maps should be large and rich in many paths which allow immediate escape from this point
    5. Also the area in near center flag should have secondery / hidden place when should rich in powerful powerups
    5a. Secondery / hidden place with powerups should mainly to support players when miss catch up flag but should be hard available for person when want catch flag or have flag
    5b. Secondery / hidden place should be creat that the person leave this sector will delayed in the center flag place and must choice path when escape his opponent
    6. This maps should not use original Capture the Flag maps. This is other gametype sequence
    Last edited by Priority; 12-13-2014, 03:05 PM.