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Game Mode idea Arena CTF.

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    Yeah you know that way the mod has something for both types of players. The competitive players and those that are more all about the casual fun. Those were my thoughts exactly. That it wouldn't be a "competitive" mode.


      So I gave this some more thought since you liked the idea.
      In my opinion the information about each teams progress would best be represented in a hud that looks something like this...

      And/or... lights of different colors that become activated when one of the teams flags has been captured, as seen below in the example I created. These would be universally easy to embed into the flag base walls of any map. Could also have flags that appear in each when captured. Those without the corresponding color flag inside have yet to be captured.

      I have no idea how difficult any of that would be to implement but there needs to be some way that the progress of each team is communicated. And this will add strategy too, as teams will be able to guage where each team will likely attack next. For that same reason, I also think the number of players that are active and not awaiting respawn should be displayed next to each of the 4 teams on the hud. (unless of course people think spawn delays would hinder this variation of the gametype) Might actually be more fun and chaotic with a steady flow of players.
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        Cross posting the same reply here since you have this sort of split between two threads right now but I it's relevant in both places


        Cool stuff Castle, curious to see where you will take this!

        Playing around with a round based approach for a new gametype is really compelling in general (especially for reasons Gooba pointed out). One really interesting aspect that I feel is missing here is asymmetry of objectives and layout. What makes CS so compelling in that regard is how the dynamic in the match and overall flow can drastically switch based on objective status. That change is also really obvious because each team is allowed to focus on a single goal that is very clearly communicated.

        For example having the last T sneak around and plant while 3 CTs are still around and hunting him forces dramatic stand off moments that are interesting to watch. As a spectator you also have information asymmetry to pull you along (you know more than that last T does therefore it's much more compelling to see how things turn out from his perspective), which again is more valuable if asymmetry exists (i.e. one side takes the role of aggressor while the other becomes defensive, which again, can switch mid-match).

        By using "classic" CTF as a base where everything is symmetrical I think you are missing some of those opportunities by making both teams focus on essentially the same goal and it's much more likely that rounds will turn into stand offs or quick team wipes.

        Single life per round is interesting to try though I wonder if something that relies on cascading respawn times might not also be something that's worthwhile trying. If say you had an asymmetrical map with one team having a goal (and say 2 ways of accomplishing that goal) while the other teams purpose is to simply prevent that goal you also get the interesting dynamic that the timer adds to the round. This forces the team with the goal to pursue that goal if they don't want to forfeit the round. Also works nicely with the idea of side switching half way through.

        There are other hybrid possibilities here too (interestingly enough the last Tomb Raider game had what I thought was a neat mechanic in MP - I believe the gametype was called "Rescue"). Team A has an objective to accomplish x times (IIRC it was "one flag-like" retrive object to home base thing) to win the round while Team B has to kill Team A y times to win the round.

        Anyways, sorry for the wall of text. It's something I've been thinking about a lot myself lately - food for thought



          I'll respond about ideas for the direction of the mod soon but I am currently blocked as it stands right now. I will make a post on the programming forum after this post.

          Basically the problem is that I have not been able to figure out if I can actually access variables or call events when the flag is captured or anything that actually effects game play with blueprints. It seems as though its not currently possible for me to do this. It would be amazing if I could do the entire mod in blueprints though. I have a ton of experience with kismet already and blueprints seem far more powerful. If I were able to work unhinged in blueprints for a couple weeks it feels like I would be able to do just about anything.

          Now, if I attempt to work just in C++ I run into another problem, I cannot seem to figure out how to modify the .h files without changing the base files. In other words my CTF mod can only be made to modify CTF for the base game breaking ctf in other levels not designed with this mod in mind. If I try to make new files and change the names it causes lots of errors. My C++ skills are also lacking and I have a hard time figuring out how to setup fairly simple things so that may just be the problem right there.

          Anyway, its maybe possible that I can modify team dm to become a new version of CTF just in blueprints alone. This would mean losing a lot of those cool little details that the code version has in place for awhile. I could also just say screw it and modify the existing base files for now.

          So that's the situation right now. Not sure how to move forward.
          - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle
          Twitter: @zZCastleZz