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    Hey NATO, yea I see the point you're making. I guess in my mind the gun-game style may be easier to constrain with respect to rules. Also I am trying to play out certain scenarios with each different idea to see how they would play out from both a player and spectator perspective.

    In the case I'm describing the duelers spawn always with one weapon and impact hammer. And all the weapons have the default ammo just as a standard game mode. Also, keep in mind that team mates are providing powerups for the duelers so it is possible that even if a dueler is currently facing an opponent who has say the shock rifle with the enforcer, they may still have a decent amount of "buffs" to overpower. In addition, the default ammo for the shock is 20 (max 4 combos) so the dueler with the shock rifle still can't just spam combos freely to overpower. I think this may also drive the tension in the team match going on to prevent the opposing team from certain ammo types???

    But yea, it all comes down to getting the first pass on the main game mode down and these things can be tweaked and iterated upon.


      We should have an irc channel set up for this game mode so we can communicate a little better.
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        Perhaps the maps could be built as one, so that through some sort of interface (windows, screens, plateau in the distance suspended in cloudy mist etc.) the two 'groups' of combatants can see each other.


          Sounds very interesting! Would love to see such a mode implemented.

          If I remember correctly, the mod Rocketeer for UT2k4 had multiple 1vs1 arenas in one map and you could join them via a portal. Also there were multiple 1vs1's going on at the same time.
          So I guess that would be the most easy solution to realize such an idea.


            Originally posted by Numb.51 View Post
            I proposed an idea to Raxxy about a game-type that combines both dueling and team based games into one. Its purpose is to bring both communities together and find a middle ground where those who seek glory as an individual can be backed and supported by a team who strives for synergy to dominate another team. We explained the idea to #UTContribution (Raxxy, Chumbo, Sir_Brizz, NATO, Jayoplus, Nonemm) and a rough idea unfolded into what we all believe will be a game that would be both amazing to watch and fun to play. We also believe that we found a way to incorporate some MOBA mechanics that might interest and pull players in as well.

            Basics: The game will consist of two teams of 5 (5v5) where 1 player of each team is selected as Champion, and the remaining 4 players on each team will duke it out in a separate DOMINATION type arena. There are 5 rounds, and a round ends when a Champion is killed. After each round end, the next Champions in the predetermined list play.

            * The Champions spawn in a separate arena at the beginning of each round that has a similar rule set as Rocket Arena (some rocket launcher self damage, but not too bad). They have a large amount of ammo and health, and there are no pickups or power ups for them to get and control.

            * The Combatants in the 4v4 arena are in a typical domination map. They have unlimited lives, and they get individual points by how much their actions have assisted the champion. They control 3 nodes on the map that give their Champion heath regen or special perks. These control nodes could work in two ways.

            a) Health Regeneration for the Champion will be increased or given 33% for 1 node. 66% for 2 nodes, and 100% for 3 nodes controlled. (Easy to balance)

            b) Special Perks - The 3 control nodes could have individual special perks that give health regeneration, damage reduction, or weapon damage amplification. (Hard to balance)

            Strategy: Strategy starts before the match even begins. While both teams are in the lobby, they will have to pick their Champion lineup. Neither team will know what the enemy champion lineup will be, so you might get the best dueling Champion playing the other teams weakest dueling Champion. However, the best dueler facing the worst dueler might not even matter. A champion relies on it's combatants to support him, so if the team fighting for the superior champion has no control on the bottom, then the superior champion will lose.

            Not only do combatants need to control the nodes around the map, but they need to control ammo and powerup pickups. A portion of everything a combatant picks up is transferred to the Champion. If a champion has no ammo left to fight, it is the fault of the champion. This ammo/pickup sharing can also counter a team who has all the nodes on lock-down. If a team cannot get control of the nodes, they can suffocate the other champion by controlling the ammo/power-ups in the level. I would suggest that the nodes would not have too much ammo around them anyway. A node with too much ammo around them promotes camping of the node. Plus those defending the node need ammo themselves. It would be interesting to see an advanced team completely control the weapon that the opposing Champion is most proficient at. For instance, if Chumbo was my opposing team's Champion, our strategy would revolve around controlling all of the shock ammo in the map. Teams will be able to look up a player's stats in the lobby and determine their most proficient weapon. It's best to think of each player on the teams as MOBA characters. They each are proficient at something different, much like each MOBA character has a different roll.

            Players need to know how well their champion is doing, so there could be health bars embedded on the hud showing both champions health. Aside from that, there could be a large TV/projector at every control node that shows a view of the arena the Champions are fighting in. We could even create maps where you could visually see the dueling area from the map the combatants are playing in. The possibilities are endless.

            Spectating: A spectator could simply have a split screen interface. One window can view one champion, the other can view the combatants on the ground, or have three screens where the largest screen is a fly cam.

            Maps: We plan on currently just converting an unused dom map into a domination map, and having a current 1v1 map be the arena where the champions fight. The plan is obviously to have custom maps, but we will most likely see custom 1v1 Rocket Arena type 1v1 Arena maps relatively soon.

            Progress We have a DOM map with the DOM gametype and we also have a Rocket Arena mutator. There is a ton of work to be done, but the most talented people in the community are already planning on working on it.
            This game mode has a lot of spirit, but there are going to be disconnects.

            Wouldn't it be better if they weren't in a separate arena. How do I know which powerup my champion needs if I can't actually see how my champion is doing outside of the scoreboard?

            In a moba, you can see anything by moving the camera. In UT, you'd be completely disconnected from your champion without some kind of P.i.p view or something.

            Maybe the maps are designed in a way that if you look up, you can see them doing battle above you? Concept is rock solid, I just think this disconnect is awkward.

            Maybe the champions are in the middle, and the small arena is the center, where you can look down at it through windows? Sort of like where the shield belt is in spacer? Add more windows and cut it off completely like a gladiator pit?

            Special perks are easy to balance.

            Say A gives you speed, B gives you damage, C gives you shield belt.

            Lets look at A; When we cap A, initially our champion gets 10% move speed, but the longer we hold it, the more the move speed grows to a cap of say 60%.

            Lets look at B; Initially you get 0.2x damage, which builds up to a maximum of 2.0x damage.

            Lets look at C; when you cap it you get 25 shield hit points, for every 5 seconds you hold C, your champion gets 10 hitpoints added to their shield belt. So if you held it 40 seconds, your champion would get 225 shield belt hit points, but you still max at 200.

            To balance these, all you have to do is change the start values, the end values and the time it takes to ramp them there.

            They are already balanced against themselves, you can only hold 2 unless you're dominating [read completely and outright out classing them] so the meta would be grab damage and shield, so the losing teams champion would then have speed.

            So he'd be able to get away and escape. The team that holds 2 is now gonna try to shut down speed, which is gonna cost them to lose damage or shield, which is then going to create a window for the underdog champion to get some points in.

            I think there would need to be health pickups in the gladiator pit and the health regen aspect removed otherwise the team that controls the best will always win and the champion will be dependent upon his team completely to win. He won't get the chance to "Shine" for his team. Or maybe you have the shield belt cap point be health regen and you have the Belt as the only pickup in the pit outside of weapon spawns.

            There needs to be ways for better champions to win with the worse team, that's crucial to the balance of this mode. It should be harder for him, but it should be very possible still.
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              The players would be able to see the champions health and armor on the hud