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    Arcade Mode

    Just a random idea that i want to note down for later, when i actually have time to implement it. If somebody wants to pick it up... have phun.

    game length: 5 to 10 minutes

    Players can choose 4 weapons at the start of the match, one weapon slot has to be melee. The player also chooses his main powerup. (Damage Amp, Berserk, Chainsaw Rage, Drone Strike, ... lets get creative here... :> )

    The map and weapon pool can be configured before starting the game. The pool should be nw + as much community implemented weapons we can get.

    Ammo can be timed and collected. There is only one type of ammo. Maps will spawn ammo at the current powerup locations of the normal game.

    Shield will be given at the start of the game to each player, it can be turned on and off using a key. It will be consumed over time and just reduces incoming damage. If your shield energy is empty... no shield anymore. So for given match length you might have, lets say, 20sec of shield... Respawning does not refill your shield.

    Armor can be timed and collected as currently in the game, but there is only the normal body armor. No helmet or pads.

    Amp and Berserk items are removed from the game mode. Instead we have a street fighter arcade style rage meter that will be filled step by step when dealing damage. As soon as the meter is full the player can toggle his choosen powerup.

    No health pickups.

    Map lock is achieved through timing and managing ammo. Ammo can be dropped to team mates. Deal damage and avoid getting hits yourself. Kick the powerup button and spawn kill your enemy.
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