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Matrix of the soul (relics for WAR)

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    Matrix of the soul (relics for WAR)

    If add relics in UT4 officially standard for WAR. For example.

    If every warrior - is a clone, controlled externally. There are the matrix of the souls of ancient demigods. These souls can be boiled down into a warrior. 12 demigods. On the base there is a point where a warrior can stand and get the power. Gets maximum 1 matrix soul at random. Warrior can remove the ability (can not receive the new 60 seconds). Each team can have a maximum of 6 reinforcements. Ability to act for the warrior 240 (or 180) seconds and continues after respawn. Matrix change automatically so that each team had to match the same amount of gain (total in seconds). Warrior their own and other teams can determine the color which has the force of soldiers.

    Mitron gives +50% damage (Warrior) | +25% damage (Vechicle) (Red color)
    Walhonak gives HP regeneration +20HP (Warrior and Vechicle) (Purple color)
    Paduciy gives 50% damage absorption (Warrior) | 25% damage absorption (Vechicle) (Dark-blue color)
    Tavril gives high jumps (3/4 high of boots jump) (Warrior) | 35% stronger, higher jump button activate, vechicle more agility (for example tank tower rapid rotation), jumping higher (Vechicle) (Beige color)
    Arlesh gives invisibility (except hoverboard and shooting) (Warrior) | No automatic missile guidance enemies on the vechicle (Avril) (Vechicle) (While color)
    Nybis gives generation of armor +10AP (Warrior) | generation of additional HP +15HP (to a maximum of 150%, if vechicle 500HP, maximum is 750Hp for this driver, if left 32/500, generation up to a maximum 282/750) (Vechicle) (Orange color)
    Usho gives ammo generation +15% of the maximum for each weapon (Warrior) | +25% of the area of damage (Vechicle) (Gray color)
    Sar gives +50% movement speed (Warrior) | +35% movement speed (Vechicle) (Green color)
    Mertonder gives a large bomb blast after the destruction (Warrior and Vechicle) (Black color)
    Graon gives +40% increase points to titan (Titan points, TP) (Warrior and Vechicle)(Blue color)
    Iwen gives +30% rate of fire (Warrior) | +20% rate of fire (Vechicle) (Yellow color)
    Ome gives -35% slowing the movement of enemies and vechicle when hit them for 4-5 seconds (Warrior and Vechicle) (Brown color)
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