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Meat-grinder mode (Joust)

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    Meat-grinder mode (Joust)

    One of my favorite multiplayer past-times in UT2004 was to load the CTF 1-on-1 joust match with 16 players per team. It created a corridor of death and blood that even skilled players could only successfully traverse once every few minutes and allowed for the following game-play variants:

    - Turn off friendly fire
    Friendly fire being disabled could be used as a booster to help your teammates, launching them towards the other end. Turning it on made scoring rarer, (though absolutely not impossible), games typically ending between 1-0 and 2-1 after fifteen minutes.

    - Turn on instagib
    Even quicker destruction or more powerful 'boosting' down the slaughter hall.

    - Both
    Scoring is now the act of a true hero and games are rarely settled by more than one.

    There was one issue though, that the game didn't offer any options (that I could see) to disable spawn-in frags, so it would definitely benefit this mode if forcing players to wait for a spawn-in or adding more spawn points to joust would help.

    If there could be a map (or even a mode) that approximated this experience (or better yet, a couple of maps designed for it or even 4-ways) I would be delighted.
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