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    Can't run custom maps on any servers at the moment.

    Be fixed next build (same hubs)


      I would like to see functionality which i can use to make 2 teams, or do i need to make it a CTF map and do it the old way of Bunnytrack (free cap in the end)?


        I want to start saying bravo for your work (and upcoming), it seems very cool and makes me remember the old days

        Unfortunately I can't find how to install the mod, still looking for "speed" in the main hub but no success so far


          Are you going to make it so that there are different physics modes that can be played in? Like UT99 physics, UT2k4, UT4, Quake, etc..? I mainly just really want ut2004 physics


            hoping to see this fixed soon

            currently very broken.
            Scoob and I improved some things on this. (mostly Scoob big up! )

            (extra functionality for movers mostly)

            - making movers loop is now supported
            - multi staged movers
            - zelda style movers (as in keep touching button to open door completely)
            - players getting crushed by movers get warped back to Checkpoints
            - speedgate can now be scaled un-uniformly
            - cannons? :O
            - Speedkill has a billboard now for easier selection

            but it has been broken for a few months now.. Likely something changed to the parent class over time and updates.
            result = speedgates don't start the timer anymore, and movers still move but always have a duplicate instance that doesn't seem to move.
            Global records system also needs a C++ serverside plugin, which i posess. but there is prolly only a very slim chanse of getting that to work with the HUB system.

            Last Update can be found here:

            Also a key and door system has been developed by "me" and solidly polished up & debugged by Scoob
            need that? > irc #absolute #unrealtournament

            Hopefully a fix soon after the Epic event.
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              Hey, guys.!!

              I need help. Could you please tell me how can i add the game mod, so i can play? And how do i improt it in Unreal Engine 4, so i can test it in it and maybe make my own maps. Sorry for this question, i really don't know, because i can't find any Unreal Tournament 4 folder in my PC, i have only the EpicGames louncher. Please Help!! I can't seem to find anyone else asking it. ( i guess i'm stupid, but please help this loser. <--- ^^ !!


                When is speed coming back?


                  How do you install this or access it? I am not finding any servers that are running speed. I have currently placed the mod here:
                  \Epic Games\UnrealTournamentDev\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks

                  Thank you.
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                    Last I heard it was nonfunctional due to some changes in game builds. Irridium mentioned to me looking at updating / fixing it, and it's something I've been meaning to get around to doing but haven't. I know he was continuing on his own, and last I heard Frostbyte may have also been looking at it.
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                      Is this alive?

                      miss bunnytrack
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                        I would like to try it. My movement does need some work!
                        Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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                          The world needs speed.


                            Looks like BT! I loved BT! Is Speed the new BT?


                              Would be cool to see this come back, any news on this?
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                                I wouldn't mind seeying this get more and closer to what bunnytrack was in the old ut99.