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    Game modes?

    As I know, currently there are few game types only, with Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag...and one...i forget about it (sry). However, I think the dev can try on making a specific game type determines by their weapons.
    For example, we can try out ONLY using snipers for the game or machine guns, just specific it before the game start. I hope it can be a new mode of the UT.

    You actually in previous games could use "Arena" mutators with any gamemode, and what that would effectively do, is change EVERY gun to the specified one. before UT3/2004/2003/, there was one for each weapon save for Redeemers, but later on in future releases, the mutators would become configurable.
    I'm sure they'll include those as those are just... stupidly popular and awesome.
    Though UT3 had a mutator that could simply replace weapons with any other weapon that you'd want, like every weapon could be replaced with redeemers, or enforcers, or even spider mines.

    Also collectively, the game modes that I know of, that have been in every PC release of Unreal Tournament's entire series (including donwloadable popular stuff) is:

    Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Monster Hunt, Invasion, Assault, Onslaught, Domination, Double Domination, Mutant, Capture The Flag, Vehicle Capture The Flag, Warfare, Bombing Run, Jailbreak, Duel, Betrayal, Greed, Freeze Tag and Last Team Standing. Oh, let's not forget my #1 most favorite one of all time; Bunnytrack, which was basically platforming in UT.

    I left out variations of the other things, like UT3 Team Battle Arena (which is basically Freeze tag) and the different iterations of Bombing Run, Deathmatch and CTF, although 4 Team CTF was never a thing the game could do at the start to begin with. 4 team Deathmatch was however possible in UT99 just under Team Deathmatch. There was no max team number, however the game just had no entities or anything put in place for 4+ teams in team Deathmatch.
    My wierdest iteration of Assault that I've ever found would have to be 4 Team Assault.

    Personally, I would love to eventually see Monster Hunt, Bombing Run, Bunnytrack, and even some gametypes never really put to a UT game, like Kill the Cap from Perfect Dark or a version of Last man Standing where instead of losing lives, they are stolen, I guess you could call it LAst Vampire Standing... which doesn't exist in any game that I know of also.

    Oh also Assault, that's my all-time actual favorite. I'd try to make it myself, but I'm not that good... yet (Maybe, I dunno).
    Working on DM-Norkeep here and there. Will likely expand it into more of a singleplayer Monster Hunt-style map/Map Pack able to also work as a Deathmatch map, and therefore, an Invasion map.

    Working on Project Overkill currently.


      I really want Mutant Instagib (preferably Zoom Instagib) with no bottom feeder to just be a gamemode rather than requiring mutators . Fire-up UT2K4 and give it a go against the bots - it's super fun!


        That gives me the idea that people should be able to create custom gametypes like in MapMixer for UT3. That's basically just your own named gametypes with select mutators, which will always be on. Something like "Instagib CTF" or "Sniper Deathmatch". It makes it easier to quickly start the gametype without switching mutators first.