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    Relic Mutator

    Hello everybody.

    I had this idea: what about reintroduce the funny Relic Mutator as in UT99 and with new ideas?
    I know it may modify too many aspects of the gameplay, but it's really exciting and most of servers will not keep it activated.
    I think we can get some ideas from this very good UT3 mod by Xaklse

    I do not have the perfect knowlegde of computer programming and modelling, so I cannot do it myself.

    But at the moment I have some suggestions:
    -Strength: +30-50% damage
    -Defense: +30-50% damage resistance
    -Vengeance: Reedemer explosion some seconds after you die
    -Redemption: If anyone kills you, you simply respawn with weapons, new health, and he gets no kill
    -Health/Regeneration: +10 HP every 2.5 seconds (max of 100 or 150)
    -Vampire: 30-50% of damage inflicted as healing
    -Equilibrium: The 50% of damage you get is returned to surrounding enemies
    -Haste: 30-50% more speed

    The mutator should be configurable in number of Relics you can carry, and in the duration of the Relics.
    What do you think about it?