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    Game Mode: Hunter

    Simple idea modelled off of the multiplayer in Crysis3.

    This guy explains it better than I can but in case you cant be bothered to click the link, I'll explain how it works in Crysis 3 and then how I think it would best translate across to UT.



    Hunter mode is a round based mode, (think counter strike rounds that restart, rather than DM which doesnt have any elements that reset repeatedly).
    In this mode, 1-2 players are selected to become Hunters whilst the rest of the players are selected to become prey. The objective of the hunters is to kill the prey as quickly as possible and the objective of the prey is to survive as long as possible.
    When a hunter kills a prey player, that player respawns as a hunter. The round continues until all prey players have been killed and converted into hunters.
    Players accumulate points for each second they survive as a prey player. After a number of rounds (giving each player a chance to start off as a hunter an equal number of times to reduce the randomness of it competitively), all the points you have accumulated in the previous rounds are added together and the match winner is the player who has survived the longest overall.

    The hunters in crysis 3 are differentiated from the prey by having special buffs. Most notably they are always cloaked, and have a variety of bow-and-arrow equipment at their disposal which is more or less a slow to use, ranged insta-gib weapon. Prey offset this advantage the hunters have by hearing a pinging noise when hunters are close, and have access to 'emp' grenades that uncloak the hunter temporarily.
    Translating this across to UT it might make sense for the hunters to start off with the perma-invisibility (or a more forgiving form of this) and either a sniper rifle, shock rifle or impact hammer of some kind and are unable to pick up normal weapons/pickups. Meanwhile the prey players start off with the classic Enforcer, Impact Hammer and Translocator and may scour the map for all the normal weapons. In order to keep prey players working as a team it may make sense for weapon spawners to immediately respawn a weapon, and for these same respawners to not provide extra ammo when passed over again. If anyone has any other suggestions about how best to translate Crysis3's mode across feel free to comment below. This is just my take on it.


    This mode might just sound like a typical Virus mode to anyone who reads this but has not had a chance to play crysis3 multiplayer, but I can assure you it feels very different, a lot more tense, and was easily the best part about Crysis3, surpassing TDM and DM as the best mode by quite a way. Comments are welcome.

    While the idea is interesting, the problem of this type of gameplay is that the goal is to avoid confrontation as much as possible. Stay out of the way as prey and you win. That doesn't fit UT very well and it was also one of the problems with the classic Last Man Standing gametype. In UT and similar fast paced arena shooters you always should have incentive to frag other players.