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New game mode idea: Elimination

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    New game mode idea: Elimination

    Basic concept: Maps feature blast doors that seal paths when closed (functionally activated by using buttons/panels in the map)

    Aim: Contain individual enemy players within deadly hazards by closing doors. Defeat all opponents.

    Map layout becomes varied, and much of the map often hazardous. Skilful players may be able to avoid peril by "beating" the closing door, or locating escape routes (applicable as per map design).

    Weapons used: Tranq-gun - you need to use the environment to defeat enemies - the T-gun fires status effecting rounds. Slow, blur, etc. according to ammo used
    Hazards could include things like intense heat, noxious gas, water, suffocation (pressure!)

    No restriction on which team may activate the door controls (allowing friendly saves)

    This sounds interesting, and I think it would be really cool if the new UT launched with a brand new game type. I'm as excited as the next person to see my favorites return, but the game definitely needs something all its own.