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New gametype - Perimeter

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    New gametype - Perimeter

    Perimeter and VPerimeter

    Team match type, not DM. Vachicle available too. Hand teleport not use. On map there are square areas of different sizes. All zones are white. When a warrior from one team stand on this zone - need to wait 10 seconds to the zone was captured by this team. After that need to wait 20 second to have 1 point, another point after 20 second too. If warrior from another team stand on this zone and nobody from firts team stand, need wait 10 second to captured + 20 for score. If somebody defend this zone, theirs 20 seconds are freeze, and resets when the 10 seconds elapse. Vechicle is not involved in the capture, only warriors. Zones on grounds looks like nanocomputer zones, warriors are reprogram the system on map then stand on zones. Link not use for it.

    After capture zone no need stand on this plase for 20 second timer if nobody from enamy team in this zone.

    Match time - 20 minutes. Victory after 25 points. If owertime, the win team with the most points.

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    This sounds a little bit like DOMination.
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      Yeah, it's the same as Domination.
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        little bit like DOMination
        same as Domination
        I dont read domination or click domaination topic, or gametypes forum topics. No much pictures in this topics and i dont read. My english is light basic and dont read forum mach. Add only my topics and save links.

        Dont play unofficial gametypes if there are unofficial gametypes, play in UT3 only and 99 with bots but not remember mach about 99 UT.
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