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    The CTF LGI Thread

    I have been reading many threads regarding low gravity and instagib and decided to throw in my 2 cents here finally.

    I have been a dedicated CTF LGI 135/35 player across all versions of the game. Clan leader, IGL admin for CTF LGI 135/35, Level Designer, etc. The point of this thread is clarity.

    It's been my experience over the past 16 years of playing Unreal Tournament that the LGI crowd have in my opinion been the most passionate, dedicated, driven, and competitive players in the game. Having said that, they have also been the most demanding, whiny, complaining pains in the *** over any other group i can think of.

    As I read some of these threads concerning things like gravity and air control I see a lot of demands. I would remind those individuals who are demanding, whining, complaining and being a selfish pain in the *** that the developers are handing you a free game. You are in no position to demand anything. Yes, the game is being developed WITH the community and your input is welcome but I think you would get better results by offering opinions and suggestions rather than demands and complaints. This game is currently in Pre-Alpha which means nothing is in stone. You should all feel as thankful as I do that there will even be a new Unreal Tournament and that we are able to play it as it develops. It is evident to me that some of the developers do not share the same passion or the understanding of LGI CTF as many of us do so I will try to wave our banner a bit here in hopes that helps.

    The Low Grav Instagib crowd are the hardcore of the UT community. Very competitive and precise. Instagib requires a certain skill level as it's a one shot kill. LGI players pride themselves in that skill and will never cease to improve that ability. They are here to compete and be the best. While all weapons is fun, the LGI player regards all weapons mode as a spamnado fest that does not require much skill. This of course is a matter of opinion but many LGI players share that opinion. Looking back across UT3, 2K4, 2K3, and 99,the LGI servers were always present and active even long after the game faded. There has been talk that DM and iCTF is where it's at. I disagree with that statement but that is my LGI player perspective.

    From a developers point of view, they need to make the game appealing to a much larger group than just the "Elite" LGI CTF players. They have to do this. The larger the fanbase, the higher the probabilty of success in this new approach for Unreal Tournament. I label the LGI guys elite because that's the perception we have. We are a small percent of a larger whole. Once you understand this, you begin to see how out of line it seems when you post demands and complaints. Of course I want to see LGI CTF 135/35. It's my passion! *****ing and whining isn't going to make it happen. My feeling is if it's not built into the core game, there will be a mod and that's good enough for me. I do think the developers should take look at the servers and see which ones are the most active. There are more LGI servers popping up and they are active which should be clear to anyone that there is sufficient interest there to put some time into providing for this gametype. That is merely a request. Beyond that I make no demands or complaints.

    I feel the game is coming along nicely and I am confident it will be a success. This UT community of ours is bar none the best around. No other game has come close to the community provided content we have with UT. The developers will consider suggestions and opinions if they make sense. Continue with the demands and complaints and you will ruin it for all of us.

    To put it point blank,
    Don't be a ****.
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    Well said Matrix! Couldn't agree more bro.
    The game will be what it will be, it's up to us to make sure LGI has a place if they don't put it in.


      Very well said Matrix! Hire have you been? And I as well would like to see LGI CTF 135/35 or 155/55 cone back but also agree with you about them having to look at the bigger picture. Even tho I as well am a LGI player I understand that they can only do what they can do.