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Build and Armour based character system...

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    Build and Armour based character system...

    I have been thinking on a concept that allows creators to make characters based on build. The characters attributes are based on that build. As everything needs to be very balanced each of the attributes balances out other attributes. eg. bigger characters are slower but have more health/armour.

    Consider the following :
    - a thin, lanky character with no armour is extremely fast, but has low health and no armour.
    - An average sized muscly character has medium health, medium armour and medium spped.
    - A large, muscly man with lots of armour has a high health, lots of armour but is slow.
    - A large, overweight character with lots of armour has very high health, lots of armour but is extremely slow.

    If we could actually make a good slider interface to line up characters on import into the gametype with approximate height, weight, build (muscly or overweight), amount of armour and armour type and the gametype takes over the rest with balancing.

    Personally I think this would add a little more character to the game and allow your character to have a reason to look like it does. As I am not a programmer I would have no idea how to go about this...but I would certainly be interested in helping out with characters and UI to make this.

    something like this would add an (almost) class based system to the game which is what 99,9% of the UT playerbase oppose.
    I can only imagine it working in connection with an extended mod.

    The core game has already got enough problems with its hitboxes. I don't think it will be wise to add that much variety to models/characters.
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      Originally posted by KingRichet View Post
      something like this would add an (almost) class based system to the game which is what 99,9% of the UT playerbase oppose.
      This is true but new players wont always be attracted to what 99.9% of the UT playerbase is. Im wanting to follow this path myself, I think I'll just have to market it to the right players is all, some people within the community are alittle more open than you give them credit for but there is certainly nothing wrong with trying to attract more players to UT at all especially considering each successive UT game had a smaller community and the formula didnt change that dramatically. Infact the one time the formula changed the most is the one time UT started to gain more players but at the same time it caused a split, there is a saying about pleasing everyone all of the time.
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        Unreal1 had this. Sortof.
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