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    Objective Game Ideas

    1 flag Ctf- one team try to defend and the other is offense with 4x5mintues rounds and mercy rule of 2-0 or 0-2 "simialr to assult but on Normal maps no vech's etc"

    Koth- King of the hill with a rotating area on the map that needs to be held not like domination only 1 place at a time for a set time then spawns else where

    Neutral Flag CTF- same theory as regular CTF But the flag spawns in the middle of both teams and the one to get it and bring it back to there base scores "2x10mintue rounds" using advantage setup for drawls

    1-flag CTF: Nothing new. There's a CTF map (by Gooba, I think) where you can only capture from one side, because one of the flags is in the bottom of pit that can only be escaped by Transloc.

    KOTH: Could happen as a sub-gametype to Domination, using the same maps.

    Neutral Flag CTF: Not gonna work. It becomes easily exploited once your team secures the midfield. Also, it seems like the reverse of Bombing Run, where you must get a neutral ball to the enemy goal.