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Resource Management Round Based Gametype

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    Resource Management Round Based Gametype

    I posted this in another thread unrelated to gametypes sort of, but here it is.

    What about a round based game mode like suggested where the "objectives" are control points that take 10 seconds to capture. There could be three control points in a map, one granting hitscan weapons, another granting projectile weapons, and another granting a special ability(armor/health regent or no self damage)

    The environment these control points are in would depend one their abilities. For instance, the hitscan control point would be in a hitscan dominated area, projectile control point would be in close quarter area, and the special ability control point would be in a hybrid area where both weapon types are effective.

    Players would be in teams of 5. Players start with high health and armor. Each round a player has 3 lives, and are frozen for 15 seconds before they can die and respawn or be dethawed. (Other players think that there should be one death per round.) They would have loadouts or weapon preferences where they start with the weapon they are most efficient at. For instance, I like the flak and chumbo likes the shock. I would start with flak and maybe a link gun. Chumbo would start with shock and mini. At the start of the match I would rush to the projectile control point and chumbo the hitscan control point because the environment caters to them. But players aren't excluded from either area though, so chumbo could join me in the close combat area at the start or during the match, but he would most likely get owned because of the close quarter environment. In reality, an entire team could just rush one control point, but then they would be missing out on crucial weapons offered by the other point.

    Anyway, say we did the typical strategy. We would meet at our respective points where our weapon loadouts are advantageous, and fight the other teams players. Say chumbo is successful in controlling hitscan. Now instead of only having my load out choices, I am granted hitscan weapons too. Basically whatever point your players control you will get that weapon or ability for immediate use. If your team loses that control point you will be warned that your about to lose that weapon type and eventually lose it after 5 or so seconds. This promotes dynamic strategy.

    The third point or the special ability control point acts as the power up node. This node would probably take longer to control, but it would be very advantageous. The cool potential for unique abilities here could be exciting.

    Scoring would work by either eliminating the enemy team's lives, or controlling all of the points for x amount of time to win the round.

    This game mode combines :

    *team based resource management
    *promotes sticking together so teammates can be unthawed
    *pre-match strategy via loadouts
    *a sense of personality and skill shown by player loadouts
    * duel like combat since players can be stretched thin via control points
    *organizes and slows the chaos and allows the game to be more spectator friendly.

    I'm sure there are definitely problems with this idea, especially how to keep players alive. I feel like players will die too quickly because I am underestimating how powerful the weapons are. Let me know what you think though!