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    Originally posted by smantz0rZ View Post

    As for other objectives, I really like the idea of adding domination points into AS objectives, perhaps one team controlling two objectives at once, which gives the defending team the opportunity to reverse some of it and contest.
    we already had this in UT99 with AS-Zeppelin.
    I liked that idea

    Originally posted by Gurkburken View Post
    Hmm, a reflection: UT99's assault game mode really benefitted(still do) from the possibilities that opened up through launching. It really opens a new dimension, as some has mentioned, in the game play. Players and teams can try and outsmart the opponent through launches and hammerjumps (sacrificing raw attackpower, and time, on the next objective to get a chance at another route with a potentially very rewarding leap in terms of attack progress). Without it, i'm afraid that the game will feel very linear and just a DM-fest with objectives (Or some sort of high speed Battlefield, which will just be plain...). Any1 know what im talking about? I can not think of any assault map at all that would benefit from no launching. (Even the spammiest maps can be opened up through a succesful wallhammerjump thingy. If defences are rock solid in any location, the attacking team can try to launch past that point, or fake a launch attempt to force the defenders to spread out etc etc)

    Another thing that i believe made the game so addictively fun was that it wasnt trying to box in the players by implementing artificial barriers. It was more of "let the players find the best way to solve the problem" rather than "we have to stop the players from taking any unintended route". Again..any1 know what im talking about? If theres only one way to solve the problem (e.g run through corridor A or B to get to C) then i believe the game will quite quickly stall (as opposed to continually develop because of players new tactics, exploring new ideas on how to tackle the defences on a map.)

    this summs it up, totally

    the launches, tricks and strategys changed the "original thinking" of assault in UT99
    if you look at the original assault maps, then you just have a spamfest like in Guardia or Overlord
    in a normal game you can win those maps only with some luck with random spawns