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Breaking Players Out of Jail Game Mode (Not Jail Break)

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    I actually suggested something like this in the "Proposing new game types for UT4" thread, and called it "Prison Riot" (It's a JailBreak variant at part 2 of the reply), where teams were divided in Wardens and Inmates. If an Inmate was killed, he'd be put back in jail, and any alive Inmate would have to reach the release switch to free all prisoners again. But in my idea, "jailed" is a metaphor for "not being able to respawn". Also, Wardens have limited respawns, so they can lose the round if they lose all the "reinforcements".

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    NPC escorts are usually a bad thing in gaming, as it often gives off more frustration than enjoyment.
    However, I can definatelly see this as an evolution of the classic Jailbreak, where the prisoners (human players) have alternate means of escape rather than solely be on the mercy of their alive teammates.

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  • Breaking Players Out of Jail Game Mode (Not Jail Break)

    Here is a discussion I have had with another member of the community: Archer

    Spelling and grammatical errors are corrected.
    I wouldn't mind having a hostage rescue game mode like I played in elementary school. You have to break the prisoners out of jail. If you die on your way there you become a prisoner.
    [5:49:47 PM] Trevor Baker: It is insanely fun
    [5:49:48 PM] Trevor Baker: ...and insanely risky
    [5:50:09 PM] <--Archer-<<: Haha could be fun tbh
    [5:50:09 PM] Trevor Baker: Maybe have the prisoners as NPCs instead
    [5:50:17 PM] Trevor Baker: so players aren't stuck in jail doing nothing
    [5:50:31 PM] Trevor Baker: or have them spectate
    [5:50:37 PM] <--Archer-<<: Well it can be round based
    [5:50:37 PM] Trevor Baker: and their player model becomes a prisoner NPC
    [5:50:46 PM] <--Archer-<<: And spectate yes
    [5:50:54 PM] Trevor Baker: That would be great
    [5:51:04 PM] Trevor Baker: also a dodge ball mode
    [5:51:23 PM] Trevor Baker: might be harder tho eh
    [5:51:28 PM] Trevor Baker: direct rocket impacts but everyone will just dog pile
    [5:51:33 PM] <--Archer-<<: Is doable in UE4