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uForts. Remake of a source-engine mod called SourceForts.

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    Can't wait for the dedicated server!

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    Kinda put this off until the update came out since I've spent nearly all my time awake playing Ark, and the guy I'm working with has been out of town.
    Started in on a help menu to try and assist people with understanding the mod.

    I also setup the End game node from the latest build. Going to talk to a guy about getting an actual dedicated server up and running so I can start scheduling play tests now that the mod can be left running on a server without constant intervention from the host.
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    added to the main post if anyone is interested in keeping track of what's on my to-do list.

    Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
    The building mode is a bit strange though - stepping on that block, point on it, jump and click.
    It's mostly since it's been based off a source engine mod, and the gravity gun was the main tool for manipulating physics objects until garry's mod came around.
    For people who did play it a lot it's become somewhat of a skill to build an efficient and well made base, where as with a quick snap and rotating button you would end up with perfectly built bases from brand new players, probably resulting in more stale gameplay since everyone would have a perfect base.

    Although quick snap / rotate is something I would like to add as either a server variable or a vote option, so everyone would be happy.

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    Intersting mode. Whenever I read one of your posts about programming, I was curious on what thing you were working on. Now I know ^^. Looks like a mixture of CTF and Fortnite ^^. The building mode is a bit strange though - stepping on that block, point on it, jump and click.

    Originally posted by _Lynx View Post
    Done. Just in case - you can edit anything including the tag and title by clicking "Go Advanced" after clicking "Edit post".
    Users are not allowed to do so. It was disabled by the time the "tags" (tagging threads with specific keywords) also got disabled.
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    Wow make Siege gametype (+new stuff) like in ut99
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    Originally posted by boats View Post
    Could someone who is able to tag threads tag this with prototype, I forgot to and can't change it myself.
    Done. Just in case - you can edit anything including the tag and title by clicking "Go Advanced" after clicking "Edit post".

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    Excellent idea. I used to love SouceForts, but almost forgot that it existed.

    Hope you will find the person that will make the cool-looking Gravity Gun for this mod. :P
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  • uForts. Remake of a source-engine mod called SourceForts.

    uForts is a blend of base building and FPS. The game is split into two phases, the Build Phase, and the Combat Phase.
    This mod does not play like UT4. It is a full mod, not just a gamemode.

    Build Phase
    During the build phase players must construct a base using the blocks provided from the build menu, opened with F.
    (Here is a short video explaining the basics of building a wall.
    There is no direct way to rotate blocks. One of the skills involved in playing uForts is mastering the ability to manipulate blocks using the gravity gun.
    Blocks must be frozen using R, this prevents them from moving and will prevent the enemy team from entering your base.

    Combat Phase
    In the combat phase players are given weapons based on the class they pick.
    The gameplay is now regular capture the flag, except the defenses have been built by your team out of blocks.
    Players are able to damage blocks, although they will take some time to break as they have 4000 health when frozen, or 1250 when unfrozen.
    The engineer class is given a gravity gun during the combat phase which allows them to unfreeze walls by holding R and facing a wall. This takes time to complete.

    The game runs for 2 build phases, and 2 combat phases. At the end of the second combat phase a winner is announced and the map will change after 15 seconds. There will be a score-screen added later in time.

    Until mods can setup custom bindings, what things are bound to is set in stone. If there is a conflict with one of these keys and your own personal bindings, I suggest you unbind them while playing uForts.
    [F] Build Menu
    [SHIFT] Sprint
    [X] Drop Flag
    [ , ] Class Menu
    [R] Freeze / Unfreeze
    [Right Click]
    (Gravity Gun) Pull / Grab / Release Objects.
    [Left Click] (Gravity Gun) Toss / Push Objects
    [M] Vote to skip phase menu (Only Available in Build Phase)
    [Q] (Engineer Only), Grenade Launcher.

    How To Play
    Right now I have no way of hosting a server easily. I'm talking to someone about getting a dedicated server going, but until then it can't really be played.
    If you are interested in hosting a server please get in contact with me on here or through steam.

    Here is a relatively old video of some pesudo gameplay done in-editor.

    Keep in mind during this video blocks only have 200 health for testing purposes.

    Currently there are 3 Maps available,
    UF_Overload (Shell)
    UF_Astrodome (Shell)

    Interested in seeing my blueprints?
    PM me on the forums, add me on the epic games launcher, or add me on steam.

    Want to help?
    We're a two man team right now, me doing blueprints and another guy doing art (hud / meshes / level design). Literally anything would be helpful, so feel free to pm me or post here.
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