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    Gauntlet DM

    You know - Gauntlet - this U4E gametype where players
    destroy teleport gates through which monsters invade!
    What if players could use this to fight against each others
    - like when they build up such portals and monsters in their
    teamcolour to spawn? Players could have a limited number
    of lifes and a massive load of action!
    They became so to speak the monster generals and scouts at
    once and had to tactically spy and plan the portal placements.
    This could especially spice up huge maps also with huger
    teams - quite awesome action i guess.
    GOod STUff HERe <<

    This gametype could also be combined with my other
    idea - the nali civilians and buildable escape portals!
    Then the player had lots of choices how to score!

    P.S.: Werent it much more fun to kill
    someone who did such thangs - i think so!
    Only abit bad is that for Ut4 probably no pawns
    being planned at all and also mostly minimaps.
    Maybe combat drones were a reasonable substitute
    - also then the "evilness" were abit more .. neutralized.
    Maybe like some sort of new weapon - portal spawner
    which allows to build escape and combat drone portals:
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    GOod STUff HERe <<