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WayPoint CTF in DM

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    WayPoint CTF in DM

    Another interesting way to score independent
    from goaling frags - taking a flag to various
    bases which be diverted on actual DM maps!
    Like when who found the flag sees a HUD mark
    with the next flagbase and after conquering it
    the next comes up and after one row results
    in a appropriate score. Other players could then
    use these spots for trapping and ambushing.
    After a goaled score the flag must "respawn"
    at some random place.
    GOod STUff HERe <<

    Generally i think the "FreeForAll" gametype
    DM should be extremely enhanced with
    scoring tasks beside the good old fragging.
    Think of it as some sort of frag intenser
    and of all those new emotions!
    So actually deathmatch maps shalt
    have it all - Assault - Domination - CTF
    - MH - Gauntlet and of course huge maps
    maybe even with civilian pawns and cool
    new weapons like drone spawners -
    persuaders - insulter screen virus -
    new vehicles and beast mounts -
    and - and - and ... .
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    GOod STUff HERe <<