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A type of Duel

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    A type of Duel

    This is a mutator/gametype to even out the difference in skill a little bit in duels.

    No health or shields on map. The health you spawn with is what you get. Lets say 100HP.

    Two players have a fight, one is killed and the other has 50HP left. The player who is killed respawns with the health advantage of 100 vs 50HP.

    To stop a skillful player taking all guns from the map and not giving the other player a chance to get a gun when they respawn; the losing player (in terms of total point/frags) spawns with the gun they were killed with. The winning player does not.

    No ammo on the map, only guns that disappear/respawn when taken. So you end up timing/fighting for guns/or the ammo they give you.

    Would it be hard to implement/test? Any thoughts?
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    Objectively speaking, I'm pretty sure it's relatively easy to do as a mutator.

    Subjectively speaking, I'm not sure it will appeal to a lot of people.