Ok, before I get into this I wanted to say I am new to the forum but I have played every UT game up to this one but not this one yet. I sort of want to get into developing here, I played around with making maps back in UT2003 but haven't since, my 3D skills are way better now than they were then but now I am kind of full on a project that I am trying to make money with so its unlikely I will get a chance anytime soon. That out of the way, I thought of these game ideas the other night, I haven't read all the way through the forum to see if anything like this has been mentioned but hopefully not, if so just ignore them but I did want to get these written down before I forget. Hopefully I can at least contribute something with ideas for now.

Game Type 1- Tug Of War

This one was inspired by a recent game mode in Splatoon but I've altered the concept a bit to better fit UT. The idea is that there is a moving platform spanning two teams bases, it follows a track between them and starts in the center. The idea is that when a player of one team stands on the platform it beings moving along the track toward the other base, the winner is decided either by the platform making it to the final point of the opponents size or by whoever gets the closest to it at times end. If a player from both sides or no player is on the platform then it doesn't move from where it is.

Maps would basically be set up like a CTF map but with the platform having a route through the map. Somethings to keep in mind would be making sure that the platform can be gotten onto at any point on its path, you wouldn't want no one to be able to reach it. Also obstacles would need to be in the way some of sniper positions. While sniping should be possible you wouldn't want someone sitting in one spot and headshotting anyone that gets on the platform from the other team.

The flow of this game type is very momentum based much like soccer, a team rallying together and making a bit push can gain some distance more than an individual trying to move on their own, but an individual can stop momentum enough to regroup a team. Teams positioning themselves to defend the platform when they have control is crucial and obviously the closer you get to the enemies side the harder maintaining control becomes so the final push home should be really difficult thus the reason distance covered a goal to keep in mind. Also if time runs out but the current losing team has control of the platform then it goes into overtime till that team either takes the lead by distance or they lose control, this gives a chance for a final upset attempt.

Game Type 2- Points - It's not who you Frag its how you Frag.

The idea behind this comes from something that is already built into the system a bit. Basic idea is that the number of kills doesn't decided the match but rather points in how you killed them. Using a gatling gun and running down two people then dying, then doing the same doesn't earn many points, but things like headshots, killing someone while exploding your orb with the pulse rifle, Impact Hammer kills, a multikill with the bio gun, etc earn more points. Also a long steak adds bonus points per kill, multikills gain more points or taking down someone who is fully loaded with perks like armor and double damage while you have none. Etc. A lot of this is already setup to be recognized this game mode basically this is to make use of that in an actual game decided way. Hopefully this would be a game mode where blindly firing wouldn't win as much as a skilled player aiming for big points payoffs