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    Double ouch with the communication wall.

    Personally I think it's a bit early for vehicles. Turrets however would be welcome.


      ASSAULT v. 4.0 released and now open to the public.

      Visit our hubs and play some Assault with us

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        Assault v4.0 Released!

        - FIXED: Many, many bugs that were introduced during Epic's build updates (i.e. the game is playable again)
        - FIXED: Final cinematic camera
        - FIXED: Objectives are no longer completable during warmup
        - ADDED: Revamped HUD elements that more cleanly demonstrate current map situation and time
        - ADDED: A (currently ugly but more prominent) message when new spawns are available
        - ADDED: A new objective complete box for visibility
        - ADDED: A box telling you whether you are attacking or defending
        - ADDED: Hooked up more scoreboard statistics
        - ADDED: Reintroduced scoreboard badges
        - CHANGED: Removed Assault rocket launcher, hammer is now exclusively used for launching

        Any questions? Find me using one of the methods in my signature


          Everyone who is interested, please sign in. No matter if you have a team or you still looking for a partner. More details about the date and rules to follow. Sharing appreciated
          sign in link:

          UT4 ASSAULT - Server Admin | Community Admin

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            Originally posted by Urgamanix View Post
            EDIT 2: some other things I will be doing in future releases: fixing other objective types, pre-match run-throughs (to learn the map), pre-map loading videos, complete scoreboard detail, fixing end-game camera cinematics, vehicles (yes, no?), getting the **** ELO / badges / flags thing to work for assault again (why did Epic break this!), and maybe some sneaky code to always let me win despite 300 ping (note to Epic: just kidding)
            I was able to find a new post for how to create vehicles for unreal engine 4 by none other than [MENTION=6564]PayBack[/MENTION]. This post goes over specifically tank design. With that in mind, perhaps a new assault map should involve trenches sense tanks were originally invented to cross them. The pre-match run-throughs are an absolute must along with fixing the other objective types.


              I'm an old UT99 player from Assault League. I'm very interested by this UT4.
              Please, where can I find the Assault Maps ? All the links I've found look dead.
              Many thanks.


                Best is to join us on discord channel for upcoming news.

                We are updating the Assault mod right now and you are lucky, we wanna try a first testrun this weekend. Feel free to join and playtest with us.
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                  The clock is ticking...


                  + Assault version 5.0 is ready - major build +

                  HUB-opening to public: Sun 27th, 15 CEST
                  Don't miss this event.

                  >> Pre-release for our followers NOW.
                  >> Get the password on

                  We are proud to let you know, that the work for Assault v. 5.0 has now finished.
                  In this version there are a lot of new features, changes and bug fixes. This has been a lot of work.

                  >> Check the video below for an insight of the new version and what you can expect.

                  Donations welcome. For the mod:
                  To our mapper:

                  Note: the welcome message won't disappear offline. But online it's all fine.

                  Thanks to Urgamanix and Bloodking and our friends and partners, who always help us. (redirect, testing the mod, hub help, etc... you know, who I mean)

                  UT4 ASSAULT - Server Admin | Community Admin

                  Forum Thread | UTA Discord | UTA Facebook
                  UTA Steam Group | Email me


                    Hey guys, quick check in from me! We've just had a showmatch and now regularly have multiple 6v6 / 7v7 games on our various HUBs. Next plan for me is to open the Assault league and prepare a new version with almost all of the remaining todos complete, including implementing the rally system for new spawns (instead of suiciding), replays and bots (if possible). As always stay tuned and thank you all for the donations and support!


                      Click image for larger version

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                      It's that time again; I'm releasing a new version of Assault! Here's what has changed in version 6.00:

                      - Rallies! Players have 5 seconds to rally (by pressing their translocator button, Q by default) when new spawns for their team are activated. Currently you will keep your health, armour and weapons
                      - Name of player that completed the objective can now be seen when objective completes

                      - Thank you box now disappears in single player
                      - Red team should now have the correct amount of time (previously they had 2 seconds less than the blue team!)
                      - Scoreboard now shows top scorer, top fragger, top assaulter, top launcher
                      - Objectives should no longer show as "complete" on the left even though they are no longer completed.
                      - Scoreboard: Clan tag is now correctly surrounded by [ and ]
                      - Scoreboard: Player flag is fixed
                      - Scoreboard: Version 1 of the map timeline is finally complete (still WIP, only shows one team at a time)
                      - Scoreboard: Ghost "Miner" no longer appears on the scoreboard
                      - Launches no longer count for score during warmup
                      - Players are once again visible during half-time cinematics
                      - Spectators can now see objective markers

                      - Hammerlaunch power increased by 4%
                      - Assault Hammer charge reduced from 2.5s to 1.5s

                      KNOWN ISSUES:
                      - Sometimes rally message appears for defenders during attacker-only rallies
                      - "Completed By" text appears with "You are attacking / defending" messages
                      - Scoreboard: Team kill count stat isn't working
                      - Scoreboard: Some armour count stats aren't working
                      - Doors are still closed during warmup
                      - Bots still don't work
                      - Instagib has all regular weapons
                      - Chat text is a bit smaller than intended

                      In addition our maps have had some amazing improvements thanks to BloodK1nG, and we are preparing for our League and 2v2 cup launches with fatJeff, Nira, iBamzz and our other contributors! Thanks as always to everyone helping us with UT4 Assault and supporting us! If you enjoy the Assault mod and would like to donate, my donation link is . If instead you'd like to donate to our map maker BloodK1nG, his link is . We don't have a donation link for our community admins yet but I've asked them to create one. Thanks!


                        @Urgamanix It's been a long time. However ever since your last update of Nov. 2017, I am not seeing much activity on this. Also your domain of your site has expired, please renew.


                          For people trying to download Assault the Base maps/mutators, here are those possible download locations:
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