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Low Gravity Jittering

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    Low Gravity Jittering

    To best describe it, jittering. Anyone who has been on the [TDC] LGI-CTF server will tell you that they experience jittering randomly as maps change. It doesn't happen all the time but I would venture to say it happens at least half of the time. While I realize the low gravity topic is low on the list of priorities around here I would like to point out that my server is typically full at 20 players for half the night once it starts up. There is a great interest in low gravity instagib. It's simply put "**** fun". We are currently running the only low gravity instagib server. I am sure there would be more if this jittering issue could be resolved.

    Once the jitter starts it lasts for the entire map. Some people get it, while others do not. Reconnecting several times usually fixes the issue. It is my hope that someone can look into this as it's an issue with the engine and low gravity specifically. To be you float through the air, it is not smooth, your player stutters as he glides.

    This issue has been present since low gravity was possible with the pre alpha. Can someone there on the dev team have a look at this please? I urge you to experience it for yourself. The IP address is listed in my signature file below.
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    Yes I've seen this. I made a custom ruleset for lowgrav insta DM on my Hub and have experienced everything you mentioned. You should probably repost in the bug fixes section.
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