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    Updated for Feb 2 build. Once again, just replace your old files with the updated pak and binaries here or from the download link in the OP.

    The only change this time around is a further decrease to run speed. I'm coming around to consensus opinion that too much acceleration won't do in UT.
    • Reduced run speed (1020 --> 1000) and decreased acceleration (6500 --> 6400)
    • Increased sprint acceleration (175 --> 185)

    For those of you who missed the last update or voiced concern in the beginning about the original run speed and acceleration values, now would be a good time to form a second impression - I think you'll find strafing much more agreeable given the significant overall decrease in run speed combined with the additional perceived slowness from the increased character scale (and eye height).

    The overall goals of this mutator are still the same, and I'm curious to what extent (if any) the higher run and sprint speeds (compared to the Epic build) reduce your urge to dodge spam, particularly out of combat.

    Also, I'm especially interested in any general feedback you guys have about sprint and wall run.


      Anyone know where to find this mutator. Links are dead


        In case you didn't see my pm, the links are dead and the mutator is out of date anyway. If I ever update it again I'll post here and send you another pm.